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21 February 2018


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History and memories of Bitterne Park
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1 Can you share memories of Bitterne Park in the 40s?
2 Do you remember White's newsagent?
3 History mini series concludes
4 Bite-sized hyperlocal history week
5 Bite-sized hyperlocal history on Instagram this week
6 BBC4's 'The Boats That Built Britain' on Itchen
7 Cobden Rowing Club membership card from 1947
8 Audio: Take a tour of historic St Denys
9 1990 BBC report: taking a book out of the library
10 Do you remember highest tides?
11 Talk - The Growth of Bitterne Park
12 Researching family tree
13 2013 calendars from Lindsi
14 Promoting Tudor heritage to young people
15 Taking cover from the bombs during the war
16 Beals Off Licence question
17 Audio: Celebrating 50 years of Riverside Park's miniature railway
18 Seeking info on pilot shot down in 1943
19 Talk on stonemasons' story
20 Late results: Saints win FA cup
21 Can you identify these teachers?
22 Growing up in Wartime Southampton
23 Growing up in Wartime Southampton
24 Where the Southampton Blitz bombs fell
25 Do you remember royal visit in 60s?
26 Memories of Old Boat House
27 Illustrated talk on Eurich: visionary local artist
28 A tale of three cities
29 ‘Votes for women – Campaigning in Southampton’
30 Info sought on 'Bitterne Park brick fields'
31 Bitterne, then and now
32 Desperately seeking schoolpal
33 Last chance to look round old Portswood depot
34 Elmar Leaded Windowcraft
35 Farewell Portswood bus rally
36 Illustrated talk on visionary local artist
37 History Fair at Townhill Park House
38 It's Bitterne Park - but what was the year (part 3)
39 It's Bitterne Park - but what was the year? (part 2)
40 Bomb damage in Norwich Road
41 It's Bitterne Park - but what was the year?
42 Bitterne Park Triangle - 1907
43 Portswood's Mecca Bingo - past, present and future
44 The bigger Bitterne Park picture revealed
45 Artist hopes to display Triangle drawing
46 Audio: Remembering Bitterne Park 1925-1940
47 Audio: Portswood artist moves her attention to Triangle
48 Ekco advertising revealed
49 Article about developer William Jupe
50 Gangs fight with sticks on Cobden Bridge
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