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15 December 2017
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Tuesday, 17 November 2009 04:08
local access only st denys roadworks sign Major roadworks, which will have a "high impact on traffic flow", are taking place on St Denys Road around Christmas, so the old railway bridge can be demolished and rebuilt.

The westbound carriageway of St Denys Road will be closed from its junction with Thomas Lewis Way to its junction with Adelaide Road from December 24 2009 for 18 days.
The diversion route will be A335 Thomas Lewis Way, Stoneham Way, M27 jct 5 Rdbt, Wide Lane, A27 Mansbridge Road, Townhill Way, West End Road, Mousehole Lane and Cobden Avenue.

And the eastbound carriageway will be closed from its junction with Thomas Lewis Way to its junction with Kent Road from 00:01 to 06:00 on December 25 and December 29.
The diversion route: Thomas Lewis Way, Bevois Valley Road, Mount Pleasant Road, Radcliffe Road, Union Road, Northam Road, Bitterne Road West, Bullar Road and Cobden Avenue.
  • The level crossing in Adelaide Road, St Denys is also due to be closed on various dates in January and February 2010, including January 2-4, to “to allow passage of engineering trains”. Check here for other dates.
  • Buses - First Group, who are apologising on their website for current bus delays due to the current lane closure on the bridge, tell us the route for Service 3B December 24, 2009 to January 11, 2010 will be:

    From Portswood St Denys Road to Portswood Road, Bevois Valley, Onslow Road, Charlotte Place, Brunswick Place, Above Bar Street,  Pound Tree Road, Palmerston Road, New Road, Six Dials, Northam Road, Northam Bridge, Bitterne Road, Bullar Road, Cobden Avenue, Manor Farm Road, Nursery Road, Oak Tree Road, Woodmill Lane, Forest Hill Drive and Meggeson Avenue.

    Return from Townhill Park, then Meggeson Avenue, Townhill Way, Mousehole Lane, Witts Hill, Woodmill Lane, Oak Tree Road, St Catherine’s Road, Cobden Avenue, Bullar Road, Cobbett Road, Bitterne Road, Northam Bridge, Northam Road, Six Dials, Kingsway, St Mary’s Place, Houndwell Place, Palmerston Road, Pound Tree Road, Above Bar Street, Brunswick Place, Charlotte Place, Onslow Road, Bevois Valley and Portswood Road to St Denys Road.

    They also point out there will be a Christmas bus service during much of this period.  More info on the soon to be updated First website

More info:
Southampton City Council
First Group


0 #1 Stuart 2009-11-17 23:02
... and there's going to be another 10 days of work prior to the bridge demolition so all the cables and pipes across the bridge can be diverted.

Closure of the Southampton railway tunnel and the impact on rail services down to Central Station over Christmas has had plenty of coverage in the local media, but demolishing and rebuilding a bridge - not a sniff of news, even though it has possibly even more impact on the locals and is all part of the same scheme to allow bigger shipping containers to be carried on the railway.

The diversionary route is interesting - no-one is going to go along Kent Road, under the railway and on to Portswood Road then, or through Woodmill? What a wonderful start to the New Year. Bah humbug!
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0 #2 Lyn 2009-11-28 08:51
I have been in contact with various people about the fact that when the bridge is out of action, it will even more unsafe than usual to cross Thomas Lewis Way.

I have been hassling the council/the train operators/etc for the bridge at St Denys station to be made pushchair/bike/ wheelchair friendly. I can't believe that there is no safe way for non-car users who can't do steps, to get from Portswood to St Denys.

If anyone has a spare 5 mins, maybe hassle councillors etc about this? Note - usually there is a pedestrian "green man" crossing but this will be out of action during the works. The crossing on the north side of this junction does not have a "green man". At Horseshoe bridge/Lawn rd, the traffic going across Thoams Lewis Way goes at the same time from both sides, so isn't safe for bikes. There is the bridge under T L Way further north, but this is a big detour. The railway bridge has only about 8 steps on one side, as it goes up towards Portswood. At the St Denys side, anyone getting off the train has to go up then down again just to get out of the station. This is ridiculous!

I wonder how much a new bridge would cost compared to what has just been announced for revamping the central station...
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0 #3 Stuart 2009-11-29 10:29
Any idea what is happening to the buses that serve Bitterne/Townhi ll Park that normally go across the bridge? Will they have a massive detour down to the motorway, or will they drop passengers off on one side of the bridge, they walk across and get on another bus waiting on the other side?
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0 #4 Editor 2009-11-30 13:33
Information about bus diversions, supplied by First Bus, has now been added to the main article.
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