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18 December 2017

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Partial U-turn over U9 bus route PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 05:12
busThe U9 bus route, which links Townhill Park, Bitterne Triangle, Portswood, Taunton’s College and the General Hospital will continue to run all year round, but will be restricted to a rush-hour only timetable from July 13.

As already publicised on this site, Unilink were planning to run a term-time rush hour only service. But, apparently due to “passenger feedback”, the University of Southampton has now made additional funding available to support buses during the vacations too.

In the morning, a bus will leave Townhill Park at 07:31 via the normal route to Southampton General Hospital.

In the afternoon, a bus will leave Southampton General Hospital at 16:05 via the normal route to Townhill Park.

Go here to download the full timetable:

Uni-link website
Uni-link - Wikipedia

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