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16 January 2018
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Epic cycle ride will raise mesothelioma awareness PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 June 2009 14:52
Three cyclists, who left Glasgow on June 20 to ride through some of the worst asbestos-affected areas in the country to raise awareness of the terminal cancer mesothelioma, intend to complete their epic 1200-mile journey when they arrive at Mayflower Park on Saturday July 4 at 12.15pm.

MPs John Denham and Sandra Gidley will be there to greet them.
Specialist asbestos solicitors Katrina London from Irwin Mitchell, Paul Glanville from John Pickering & Partners and campaigner Jason Addy want to raise awareness of the plight of asbestos-related cancer sufferers and support the call for a national research centre.

The trio have been cycling through some of the regions of the country whose communities have been most blighted by the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma.

"The main aim is to show the terrible impact asbestos has upon the victims of mesothelioma, to raise funds for research into asbestos-related cancers and show our support for the campaign to set up a national centre for asbestos-related diseases," said cyclist Katrina London.

Campaigners say dedicated research is desperately needed, as the mesothelioma epidemic will continue for many years and it is expected that another 60,000 people will die from mesothelioma by 2035 from past exposure to asbestos.

Diane Salisbury, co-founder of Hampshire Asbestos Support, said: “We have asked the government for funding and received positive feedback. However no allocation has yet been made. We hope this initiative will tip the balance when ministers consider the issue.”

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