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18 December 2017

"Hi. This is just a comment on your website as I have just discovered it. I am a Bitterne Parker Parker because that's my last name! I lived in Bitterne Park at the White Lodge, Castle Road. I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. Thanks for the lovely reminder of Bitterne Park."
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Thursday, 26 February 2009 18:00
bridge closed at night sign Roadworks return to Bitterne Park from March 2 for around 24 days, as Cobden Bridge and nearby roads are closed to traffic for resurfacing work each weekday night from 8pm until 6.30am.

Cobden Bridge will be closed(1), Cobden Avenue will be closed to a point 40m east of its junction with Cobbett Road (2), and Manor Farm Road will be closed from its junction with Cobden Avenue to just past Bond Road (3) - for diversions see below..

Bridge open to walkers
The Bridge will however be open to pedestrians at night, and no footways will be closed during the work.

The Council says it will remove the existing road surface and replace it with a new one that will last for many years to come, and which will greatly reduce traffic noise.

The resurfacing work follows extensive disruption in Bitterne Park caused by roadworks last summer, which came at the same time as the replacement of gas pipes in many roads.

This new resurfacing was originally due take place at the same time as last year's work. But the Council says “issues with traffic management meant that such a scheme threatened to run over by a margin which would have proved unacceptable to local residents. It was decided therefore to split the works into two phases, and undertake the resurfacing at a later date, at a time (nights) when the impact on local traffic would be minimal.”

"Negligible" effect on businesses
The Council says it’s hoping the effect on local businesses will be negligible as roads won’t be closed until 8pm, although “a slight impact on takeaway businesses” is being acknowledged. ‘Businesses open as usual’ signs will be in place, and the Council is writing to traders to explain what will be happening.

It’s also hoped that noise from the work will be kept down as far as possible, with noisier work taking place earlier in the evening.

Diversion signDiversions
According to the Romanse traffic site, “Diversion for 1 & 2 is via: Thomas Lewis Way, Bevois Valley Road, Onslow Road, St Marys Road, Charlotte Place, St Andrews Road, Six Dials, Northam Road, Northam Bridge, Bitterne Road West, Maybray King Way, West End Road & Mousehole Lane.”

And for 3 the diversion will be “via: Woodmill Lane & Witts Hill.”

Bus routes are likely to be affected: check with bus operators for details:

First Hampshire and Dorset Ltd - 023 80 224854 or 0870 010 6022.
Uni Link - 023 8059 5974. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Southampton City Council want government to look after A33 — Daily Echo

Triangle closed
Flashback to roadworks last year


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