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21 February 2018

"Hi. This is just a comment on your website as I have just discovered it. I am a Bitterne Parker Parker because that's my last name! I lived in Bitterne Park at the White Lodge, Castle Road. I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. Thanks for the lovely reminder of Bitterne Park."
Colin Parker, Vancouver Island

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Temporary lights cause headache for drivers as signal controller 'totally destroyed' PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 15:17

temporary lights st denys rd jan 2018UPDATED Temporary lights on the junction of Priory and St Denys Roads appear to be causing a headache for rush-hour motorists, after a signal controller was “totally destroyed” at the weekend.
• St Denys Road traffic lights could be repaired by end of week


temporary lights st denys rd jan 2018

We understand that the temporary lights were put in place after a road traffic collision at the weekend involving two vehicles, which were both said to be badly damaged.

The usual traffic light controller, on the corner of Priory Road (north) and Cobden Bridge, was “totally destroyed”.

temporary lights wires st denys rd jan 2018
This appears to be what remains of the traffic light controller!

The pedestrian crossing across St Denys Road is also out of action, as it’s part of the usual traffic light system.

The temporary lights were apparently in position but not activated on Monday, but while @canta_brian on Twitter said that “Monday traffic flowed much better than a normal day”, others told us it was consequently very difficult to pull out from Priory onto St Denys, with few drivers letting others into the main traffic stream.

@sinjin1 tweeted on Tuesday morning that it took 30 minutes to travel less than a mile, and cars were still queuing along Cobden Avenue going towards Cobden Bridge at 10am.


It’s not known when the usual lights will be repaired: alarmingly for road users the multi-way traffic signals are listed on the council’s roadworks website as being in place until March 2, although @scchighways has said “we are working on replacing & will update when date confirmed”.



Updates 1/2/18:

Lights 'cause of gridlock'

On our Facebook page, Russell Jones commented: "I travel through this area and these lights are the cause of all gridlock in Bitterne Park in the mornings.

"As soon as you get across them the road is clear. There were no traffic lights at all on Monday, and also this morning when I went through just after 7.30am. The traffic was flowing freely and there were no queues in the side roads either. I would like to see the lights removed and just keep a set for pedestrians.

"I note on the main Bitterne Park site that someone has commented that it was difficult to get out of Priory Road so we need a trial period without the lights to monitor the situation."

'Jumping the lights'

Also commenting on Facebook, Mark Davies said that, temporary lights or otherwise, the junction is "really dangerous", and called for cameras "as so many cars jump the lights".


Meanwhile we're told some local residents are concerned that the junction is dangerous and are planning a survey, working with the Green Party, to "monitor behaviours and traffic movements on a working day".


• Public meeting to discuss Kent Road traffic problems - Thursday, Febrary 1 at 7pm at the St Denys Church Centre meeting room, Dundee Road SO17 2ND.

 See also: St Denys Road traffic lights could be repaired by end of week

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