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21 February 2018

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Plastics recycling bins arrive at Woodmill PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 January 2018 15:26

plastic recycling woodmillNew banks to let people recycle mixed plastics that can’t be put out for kerbside collections, such as food trays, margarine tubs and drinks cartons, have arrived at Woodmill and other city locations.


plastic recycling woodmill

As reported, the council promised an initial 10 recycling banks across the city, with other sites including Westridge Road car park in Portswood and Angel Crescent car park in Bitterne.

plastic recycling woodmill sign

Meanwhile the council has written to households about household waste and recycling collections, saying it will “need to use enforcement powers to tackle repeated cases of mismanagement”.

Following “fair warning in writing”, the council says fixed penalty notices of £60 may be issued “if you consistently fail, without reasonable excuse, to comply with any requirements”.

The council’s notice also says that: “Failure to place waste in the correct receptacle may result in your waste not being collected until it is deposited correctly”

recycling bins in sun woodmill\

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