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21 February 2018

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'Poison' warning for dog walkers in Bitterne Park PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 January 2018 11:54

dog john-price-340033 unsplashUPDATED Reports are circulating on social media warning dog owners to be vigilant because “some kind of poison” is “being put down” in the area.


A post, widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, warns dog walkers to watch out particularly at Riverside Park, and near The Gregg School and Cutbush Lane areas.

 Published on Saturday morning (Jan 13), the post, on the Facebook page of dog groomers Plush Puppies, says:

“A horrible incident happened this morning which resulted in the RSPCA being called. Some awful person or people are putting down some kind of poison, 3 foxes have already been found already, please please tell everyone you know and make them aware. Hopefully this will get back to the nasty person who is responsible and we can stop it getting any worse.”

Rebecca Tongs, a groomer with Plush Puppies, told that her parents, their dogs and dog walking friends were at Riverside, near the end of the “lane that leads from The Gregg School to River Walk” when a “sad incident took place”.

“One of our friends on our walk found a fox in much distress which I don’t really want to go into detail about as it was quite upsetting for them all, but she carried the fox in her arms and tried to comfort it and keep it calm until the RSPCA came and met her. Three other foxes have been found dead in the areas mentioned.

"I’m a local dog groomer who walks my dogs with a lot of people and other dogs around this area every day and I was so worried about all the other animals. All of us just wanted to get this message out there ASAP to warn others… We are so grateful to everyone who has shared and spread the word. I just hope they can find who is responsible."

Fines or prison

An RSPCA spokesperson said they were called to Cutbush Lane after a fox was found that was thought to have been poisoned. They said they hadn't received any other reports but would encourage anyone with concerns, or who has seen anything suspicious, to contact them on 0300 123 8018, or the police on 101.

They said: "Anyone who deliberately poisons an animal faces a £20,000 fine, or prison under the Animal Welfare Act.

"If you are concerned that your pet may have been poisoned please contact your vet immediately."

Signs that your animal could have been poisoned vary and can include any of the following:

  • depression
  • lack of appetite
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • breathing difficulties
  • appearing drunk and uncoordinated
  • twitching or seizures.


The spokesperson added: "People should also be careful when putting down any substances, such as slug pellets, which are potentially poisonous to ensure that animals are not affected and that substances are stored appropriately and properly disposed of, rather than dumping them on a roadside or in a park.

"As an animal welfare charity we are concerned for both domestic pets and wildlife. Slug pellets can poison hedgehogs, and because of this we would encourage people to try using a natural alternative such as crushed egg shells or coffee grounds."

As reported, there were similar warnings about poison circulating in March 2016, which claimed that a dog had died after eating “poisoned sausages” in Riverside Park.

There is some general advice on the RSPCA’s website here about what to do if you suspect your pet has been poisoned

Photo by John Price on Unsplash
Updated 16/1/2018 with comment/advice from RSPCA


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