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16 January 2018
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'Sinkhole' causes Whitworth Crescent closure PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 13:52

whitworth crescent closure diversion signMuch of Whitworth Crescent is expected to be closed to traffic until around January 26 as engineers work on a collapsed pipe running beneath the road.


Work started on Monday after local residents were reportedly visited on Sunday morning and informed about the problem.

Vicki Blow, who lives on Whitworth Crescent, said: "They discovered it just before Christmas. They were surprised to find it from what we were told. When they investigated it, it turned out to be a bigger sinkhole than they thought.

whitworth crescent closure sewer sign

"So we all had a personal visit on Sunday morning from the water board. They did apologise for early morning Sunday visits but they did start first thing Monday morning."

The road is closed to traffic between Harcourt Road and Hollingbourne Close, with a diversion via Harcourt, Macnaghten and Whitworth Roads.

Vicki said that the traffic diversion is catching people out, especially in the mornings.

The road is currently still open for pedestrians.

whitworth crescent closure by Vicki Blow 460
Photo: Vicki Blow

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