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15 December 2017
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Greens call for action over St Denys traffic ‘blight’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 12:04

priory road cars blurredUpdate 2: Southampton Green Party submitted a petition to the city council earlier this month calling for a traffic management survey to assess “the extensive traffic problems in Priory Road and the surrounding area”.
• Kent Road 'to be quieter after Xmas'


priory road cars blurred

As reported, a public meeting to discuss St Denys traffic problems was organised by the Green Party in March 2016, which identified a series of issues – especially speeding, parking, dangerous junctions and roads being used as rat runs during rush hours.

More recently we understand some residents in Kent Road have been particularly concerned about the number of large industrial vehicles using their residential street.

kent road lorries
Kent Road, St Denys

134 signatures supporting the call were handed in by Katherine Barbour, pictured, who’s intending to stand for the Greens in the Portswood ward – which includes St Denys – in the 2018 local elections.

katherine barbour 200px“Residents in Kent and Priory Road are sick of their roads being used as rat runs during rush hour,” she said. “This is blighting their lives. In the Green Party we support the right of people to live in peace after the stressful working week. Traffic speeds along these roads with little regard for the residents, this petition calls on the Council to do something NOW."


The petition, which has been running for some time and is still open for further signatures, appeals to the council to investigate ideas suggested by residents, such as improved and extended road calming and better speed warnings.

priory road cars blurred2
Queuing on Priory Road, St Denys

Cllr Paul O’Neill (Conservative, Portswood ward) said he backed the idea:

“I support the call by the Green party for a traffic management survey for Priory Road. I have raised the traffic issues in Priory Road with the Council on a regular basis including the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit where there is a clear demand from residents. Unfortunately the administration have said they do not support these measures.”

We invited the council’s cabinet member for environment and transport Cllr Jacqui Rayment (Labour), and Cllr John Savage (Labour – Portswood ward) to comment but neither so far has. We’ll endeavour to update this piece if they do over the next few days.

• Update 24/11/17: Cllr John Savage (Labour – Portswood ward) commented: "St Denys traffic and HGV movement in Kent Rd: This issue is fairly complex. The council has limited actions available to it. Following my conversations with cabinet member and council officers an approach is being made on grounds of planning regulations. I sent a letter to residents of Kent Rd last weds (15th) outlining our approach. We have good prospects of resolving this positively for residents though the business involved will have to be given time to comply."

• On 30/11/17 Adrian Ford contacted us to ask us to update our story with a comment from him too. This is what he said, unedited: '"Liberal Democrat Portswood Candidate for local elections who has been helping the local residents who set up the original action group with Katherine has been liasing with the council and the traffic commission on ways to impose a weight restriction on Kent rd and other roads in the area. Adrian has produced a complaints form that individual residents can send to the traffic commission. Adrian says " I hope that with all local political parties and council officers working together to help local residents that the issues surrounding heavy lorries using Kent, Priory and Aberdeen roads can be resolved."'

• Kent Road 'to be quieter after Xmas'

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