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21 February 2018
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Townhill regeneration consultation closes on October 1 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 September 2017 18:33

meggeson avenue hoarding2The council’s consultation on its “draft decommissioning and acquisition policies and proposed regeneration of Townhill Park” closes on Sunday, October 1, and there’s a further drop-in session about proposed changes coming up.
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As reported, Southampton City Council wants the views of its tenants on the Townhill Park Regeneration Scheme, which will involve decommissioning remaining properties.

It says it’s asking for views on: “The proposed regeneration of Townhill Park, where we will be decommissioning the remaining properties in the Townhill Park Regeneration Scheme.”

It’s also proposing changes to the way properties are decommissioned citywide.

There will be a further drop-in session on proposed changes at Townhill Park Community Centre on Wednesday (September 13), from 3-7pm.

The council’s survey, which closes at midnight on Sunday, October 1, is at:

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meggeson avenue hoarding2

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