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17 January 2018

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Art of Heritage Festival postponed until spring PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:55

art of heritage logo 200 2016The Art of Heritage Festival (AoH), a three-day celebration of local art and culture which was scheduled for September 8-10 in St Denys, has been postponed until the spring due to “unavoidable and unpredictable personal circumstances”.


Helen Trimarco-Ransome2

Co-ordinator Helen Trimarco-Ransome, right, told that the decision had been made to ‘rest’ volunteers, who all work on other community projects throughout the year and also work as full time artists.

“Some of our core volunteers have other unexpected personal issues to deal with at this time and I don't want any of us to feel that AoH is a additional pressure. We have all really enjoyed the experience so far and would like to keep it a fun and rewarding project to work on.”

Looking after people first

She said that it had “been a really hard call to make and one we did as a team, but we have to look after people first”.

It’s hoped that moving the festival to the spring will in fact offer various advantages, not least with the weather, sales of art and the opportunity to work with schools and universities, because having AoH at the start of an academic year makes this difficult.

“Every cloud has a silver lining and I think this will bring its own opportunities for us as a project, to further develop what we have done so far,” said Helen.

New dates for Art of Heritage will be published when they’re agreed. To volunteer or get involved you can contact AoH via links on their website at

art of heritage 2016

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