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18 December 2017
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Why did the deer swim in the rain? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 August 2017 09:41

deer in river bigUpdated: We'll probably never know why this deer apparently decided to take a swim in the Itchen, near the golf course, during yesterday's (Aug 2) heavy rain – unless you have a theory?


Anyway thanks to the reader who kindly sent these in these shots.

deer in river big

deer in river


Update: In response to reader questions about whether he got out safely, Kirsty Rowlinson who took the pictures said: "Yes, he got out safely. I initially thought he was panicking and looking for a place to get out. But I think he was just having a swim, because as soon as he saw me, he just swam towards the trees on the Woodmill side of the river and clambered out (as per second pic [below]). So it was all good!"

deer near edge river big

Photo: Seal in Itchen by Riverside Park

Photos: deer by Riverside Park
Who's this?
Seals now common sight near Riverside Park

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