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16 December 2017

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Night-time noise annoys Bitterne Park PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 August 2017 09:23

sound wave pixabay2A “shockingly loud” night-time noise, described as sounding like a “washing machine” and a “repetitive grinding noise”, is disturbing the sleep of some Bitterne Parkers.


It’s thought that it could be coming from a local industry.

Richard, a resident who lives near Deepdene, said the noise has been interfering with his sleep for three years. He said he originally thought it was a washing machine permanently on in a neighbour’s house.

“Whoever it is has zero respect for the locals because the noise pollution is such that it vibrates through the floor and sounds, now, like a lorry idling outside all night.”

'It's just so loud and constant!'

Lucy from Midanbury said: “I thought the noise we could hear was a washing machine in another flat (we're on the ground floor so hear upstairs' TV etc), but it just hasn't stopped. I used to live in Shirley so had the docks close by; that was a more ‘tinkly’ noise, and nowhere near as loud or vibrating. The Bitterne Park noise never used to bother me, but recently it has become so much worse. It's just so loud and constant! It seems to have a much higher resonance too, if that makes sense.”

Another Bitterne Park resident said she only started to notice the noise this spring once she started opening bedroom windows at night.

“Some nights the repetitive grinding noise is shockingly loud,” she said.

One theory is that the night-time sounds emanate downriver – perhaps as far south as around the St Mary’s area. If this is the case it could mean that it’s not just Bitterne Parkers who are having their dreams disturbed, but perhaps thousands of other Southampton residents too.

Olivia Barnes and Guy Phillips

There’s information on noise issues, and on how to make complaints, on Southampton City Council’s website here

sound wave pixabay

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