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21 February 2018

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Townhill regeneration: Council to launch housing consultations PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:31

meggeson avenue hoarding2Southampton City Council is to launch public consultations on changes to housing policies affecting tenants and leaseholders in council properties in Townhill Park.


This release is from the council, in their own words:

Southampton City Council will launch tandem public consultations on proposed changes to housing policies affecting the decommissioning of tenants and leaseholders in our properties citywide and those at Townhill Park, after the Cabinet approved the report at a meeting yesterday [June 20].

The Cabinet report details the council’s draft revised Decommissioning of Housing Stock Policy and the Draft Acquisition and Compulsory Purchase Orders Policy and also the proposed decommissioning plan for Townhill Park. The consultations are seeking the views of council tenants and leaseholders, and other interested parties citywide and those at Townhill Park and the adjacent area on the draft policies and plan which, if policies are approved following public consultation, would first be applied to the next phases of the Townhill Park Regeneration Scheme.

The consultation proposal revises the current Decanting Policy for tenants citywide, and recommends some changes, including separating the two issues included in the previous policy (decommissioning of housing stock and acquisition of leasehold/freehold property). These are divided into two separate policies for clarity. 

The consultation on the proposed, updated policies and the consultation on the decommissioning of Townhill Park are two separate consultation issues but will be run at the same time, starting 10 July and continuing for 12 weeks. Copies of the consultations will be made available from 10 July online via our Consultations page, or paper copies may be obtained at Civic Centre reception, your local library and at Gateway. 

The feedback from both consultations will be analysed and taken into account and presented to Cabinet prior to making decisions as to whether or not to implement the draft updated policies and whether or not to go ahead with the further decommissioning of Townhill Park. 

Proposed changes to the Decommissioning of Housing Stock Policy include:

Tenants will be assessed for the housing needs at the point of relocation, in line with Southampton City Council’s Allocations Policy, and will qualify for a property in line with their needs at the time of moving. 

There is no statutory right to return for tenants to a site that has been redeveloped. However, if certain circumstances are met and suitable properties are available, tenants may be offered the right to return. 

Tenants will be compensated for the disturbance and loss of their home at least in line with statutory compensation amounts.

Proposed changes to the Acquisition and Compulsory Purchase Order policy include:

Updating provisions of the previous policy for situations when the council is acquiring vacant possession of a leasehold property.

Extending the provisions of the previous policy to cover cases where the council is acquiring a freehold, and to cover circumstances where a private tenant of a leaseholder or freeholders is affected.  

Councillor Simon Letts, Leader of Southampton City Council, said: "I'm very pleased that we are moving forward with the provision of more affordable housing in Townhill Park.  We look forward to residents' feedback on these two consultations, with the aim of reviewing them by November."

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