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24 September 2017
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Smith clings on to Southampton Itchen - by 31 votes! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 June 2017 05:36

Royston smith candiate profileRoyston Smith has held on to the Southampton Itchen seat in the general election by a whisker!


Just 31 votes came between Smith, the Conservative candidate, and Labour's Simon Letts. The Conservative had held taken the seat from Labour by 2316 votes in 2015. The result came following, reportedly three nail-biting re-counts at Southampton Guildhall.

The turnout was 65%.



The full results in Itchen were:

Royston Smith - Conservative 21,773 - Elected
Simon Letts - Labour 21,742
Eleanor Bell - Liberal Democrats 1,421
Kim Rose - UK Indepedence Party 1,122
Rosie Pearce - Green 725

Meanwhile in Southampton Test, Alan Whitehead for Labour held on to his seat, increasing his 3810 majority to 11503.

The results were:

Alan Whitehead - Labour 27,509 - Elected
Paul Holmes - Conservatives 16,006
Thomas Gravatt - Liberal Democrats 1,892
Keith Morrell - Independents 680
Andrew Pope - Southampton Independents 816

Turnout: 67%

Nationally Labour enjoyed a spectacular night, and a hung parliament is now confirmed.

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