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18 January 2018
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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 20:55

riverfest crowdIn this half hour audio, we take a tour of Riverfest, and chat to lots of people about the day.


riverfest crowd

No player? Try this link. Duration: approx 32 mins 

Here's our take on Riverfest on Saturday, presented through this audio, featuring lots of clips, lots of chats, and lots of sounds wafting around Riverside Park.

Our thanks to everyone who braved the microphone (you were great!), and for everyone's sounds that may have floated into our recorder during much walking around the site!

(And sorry in advance to all those we missed out - once you started looking and listening, there was so much....)

We may add a few pictures to this piece as time allows.


Recorded, presented, edited and mixed by Guy Phillips

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