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20 February 2018

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Riverfest flag: can you spot the Southampton landmarks? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 May 2017 20:47

riverfest flag artworkUPDATED WITH LIST OF LANDMARKS You may have seen our social media posts showing the specially commissioned Riverfest flag which is flying in Riverside Park over the weekend, but can you find all the Southampton landmarks it depicts?


Illustrator Christopher Todd, who created it, said he'd been asked "for a flag to represent the river, and the communities alongside it, and particularly the bridges, and everything that happens along the river".

riverfest flag artwork

The flag matches the other graphics for Riverfest, and was hoisted up the Riverside flagpole on Friday afternoon.

We'll try and ask Christopher for a list of the landmarks so you can see how well you do!

UPDATE: Christopher has now written a post all about the flag listing the landmarks: take a look here

riverfest flag3

riverfest flag2

riverfest flag1

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