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17 January 2018

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 21:37

triangle pixelated 460Following the February report about a group which met to share ideas about improving Bitterne Park Triangle with money from the McCarthy & Stone Development, Liz Batten has sent this update.


Just to let you know that a few things have happened since you came along to the Butcher’s Hook on the 14th February and took part in discussions about the Triangle and how it could be improved.

Councillor John Inglis, who was at the meeting, kindly sent out a letter to nearly 3,000 Bitterne Park residents, sharing your thoughts and asking for feedback. He received 39 responses, which have been collated.

On Thursday, 11th May, Lindsi Bluemel, Jon Bingham, John Inglis, Angela Cotton and Liz Batten met with two council officers who are in the early stages of working on improvements at the Triangle. We talked through all the points you made and the council officers shared their thoughts on what could be done. There was quite a lot of agreement with the ideas you put forward and the way the proposals are developing.

The council officers will now be working on creating a detailed plan of what could be done and we will get the chance to see these in three or four months’ time. We hope to organise a meeting then to share this with you.

Finally, it was felt that we need to keep the momentum going now we’ve started, and that a working group might be a way forward. If you are interested in running/joining a Love the Triangle group, which could meet every three months or so, please let us know by email on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This could also lead to us getting more money towards improvements at the Triangle.

Best wishes

Liz Batten

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