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20 February 2018

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Greens announce Itchen general election candidate PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 May 2017 12:37

Rosie Pearce 200pxThe Green Party has announced that Rosie Pearce will be their candidate to contest the Southampton Itchen constituency, which includes Bitterne Park, at the general election on June 8.


Pearce said she’s concerned at the “education cuts by this government” and that “children’s futures are being played with for ideological gain”.

“While this government focuses on bringing back grammar schools that reverse gains in social mobility, Itchen College is hit with huge cuts which will affect the provision of education provided to students for years to come."

She said: “We live in a city of parks and waterways and any exit from the EU must include guarantees on high levels of protection to these areas where we can co-exist with our natural ecology.”

The party’s candidate in Southampton Test, which includes St Denys and Portswood, will be Katherine Barbour.

The other candidates we know about for the Itchen constituency this time are Royston Smith (Con), Simon Letts (Lab) and Eleanor Bell (Lib Dem).

Royston Smith for the Conservatives took the Itchen seat from Labour in 2015, winning by 2316 votes.

The voting at the last general election in 2015 was as follows:









Liberal Democrat




There were 44710 valid votes cast from an electorate of 72281.

Leader of council Simon Letts contesting Itchen at general election
Who will our Itchen general election candidates be?


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