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18 January 2018
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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 10:33

nick nicolaou with letterFollowing our report about food being dumped near Cobden Bridge in Riverside Park, both Triangle fish and chip shops have stressed it’s nothing to do with them, although both say they've been accused by members of the public.


nick nicolaou with letter

On April 11 we reported that waste food had been left close to the 'geese in the tree' artwork installation, causing particular concern to dog owners.

Our photographs at the time showed a bizarre mix of foods, including what appeared to be previously frozen uncooked crinkle cut chips, and other products unlikely to be found on the menu of most chippies.

Here’s a closer view of the food found in the park from earlier this month. We understand there may well have been similar incidents of food dumping too.

food dumped from April11

This Thursday (April 28) we were told that Andy’s had had "mail put through their letterbox over the food dumping in the park”.

Nick Nicolaou, pictured above, from Andy’s told us on Friday he was “absolutely shocked” to have found an anonymous note put through his door.

The note which he showed us said: “Next time I see raw chips and wasted [sic] dumped in the park, I’ll shovel it through your letterbox. All the dog walkers are fed up with our dogs getting sick from eating it. Have some respect for the community you serve.”

Mr Nicolaou told “We’ve been here 30 years. We’re part of this community. Our commercial waste is picked up every Tuesday and has been for the last 30 years. As if we’d dump rubbish in the park. I’m a dog owner myself. I think it’s disgusting.”

Over the road, Lee Nicholson from Charlie’s also said it wasn’t chip shop waste because our earlier photos showed crinkle cut chips, mackerel fillets of the type bought in supermarkets, and possibly jacket potatoes, “which we don’t do: the closest vegetable we do is mushy peas!”

He said those foods wouldn’t be on any chip shop menu.

He said he’d also been accused of leaving food in the park, by someone who came into his shop, but he also uses a commercial waste service, for which he pays £60 a week.

lee nicholson with biffa bin
Lee Nicholson with his commercial Biffa waste bins

• In a late twist, we checked the park on Saturday before publishing to see if any more food had been dumped, and were surprised to find the gulls having a feast on two piles of what appeared to be cooked chips, left in virtually the same place. We believe, but can’t be sure, these weren’t there the day before.

chips in riverside park 29 4 17

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