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18 January 2018

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017 19:45

john mcdonnell copyrightLabour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell was on the election campaign trail in Bitterne Precinct on Tuesday afternoon. Read more to hear him speaking about his party's prospects in the Itchen constituency.
john mcdonnell copyright

He said he thought the party would be naming their Itchen constituency candidate “most probably early next week”. You can hear our brief interview with him talking about his party's prospects in Itchen using the player below.

No player? Try this link. Duration about 90 secs

We hope to bring you news of various parties' campaigns as the general electioin date draws closer.
Who will our Itchen general election candidates be?



0 #1 Hunt 2017-04-25 23:09
As a non-partisan 'floating' voter I went to listen to what the Shadow Chancellor had to say. However, I felt it was a rather orchestrated meeting, sadly similar to the sort of politics Jeremy Corbyn says he is trying to get away from ("a good turnout, seeing we only had 24 hrs notice", I heard one Labour official say). John McD also confidently claimed Labour would win the election. Well maybe, but IMO he showed himself to be a genuine, honest, and thoroughly decent but slightly delusional politician with plenty of rhetoric aimed at his party faithful but not much else. He also had plenty of time for pictures & the press but little time for discussion or debate. I feel this was more of a rallying cry to the party faithful than anything of substance.
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+2 #2 tjor 2017-04-26 12:40
Like 'floating voter' Hunt, I also attended this gathering and agree that McDonnell came across as genuine, honest and thoroughly decent. He was also highly approachable and had time to stop and to talk with many people. I'm sure Hunt, had he wanted to, could have had a word.

Yes - this was a gathering to galvanise local Labour supporters, like me. It was not billed as a debate. But McDonnell also went on to canvas in Merry Oak, speaking with people on their doorsteps. So to portray him as a remote figure is unfair.

Just a word about the 'delusional' insult. This is so often trotted out that it's lost it's meaning. I'm sure Hunt doesn't mean that McDonnell is mentally ill. I think what Hunt is trying to say is that he disagrees with McDonnell's politics. Which is odd for someone who also says that he's non-partisan.
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