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15 December 2017
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Fruitopia stops trading PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 July 2007 21:27
Triangle fruit, veg and wholefood store Fruitopia has ceased trading.

The shop has been cleared and stands empty of stock, and did not open on the first trading day of July. This comes at a time when various shops at the Triangle lie empty, and when Triangle traders have been talking about launching a publicity campaign to encourage local shopping.

A notice pinned on the shop window today (Tuesday July 3) thanks customers, and cites a range of reasons for the closure. It says:

"Due to increased overheads and falling sales Fruitopia has had to cease trading. The staff would like to thank all those customers who remained loyal following the expansion of the Co-op's fruit and vegetable section, the closure of the post office, the opening of the flower shop, the transfer of Waitrose from town to Portswood, and the opening of Tesco Express.”

Veg Graham Cotton, from the Triangle bakery, writes:

Tesco claims its first scalp

Fruitopa has been forced to cease trading as from today.  It’s so very sad to see the stock being removed, resulting in yet another empty shop.  Peter has put on a brave face — it’s so very difficult to understand just how much hardship this will inevitably cause for him and his young family. 

I do hope from now on Good health, Good fortune and Honest Love, rides with him and his family.

As so often happens in adversity, some snigger, others just do not care; fortunately I believe most people of Bitterne Park are genuine and shall be deeply saddened at the loss of an essential service.  Without the balance of basic food suppliers, this surely is one death nail too many in the coffin of our village.  Can Gary in the butchers and myself in the bakery keep our village alive? We will truly try but we do need your support!

Empty Triangle shop
Empty Triangle shop
I do not know the exact figures, but have been advised by a property valuation expert, that if the Triangle fails and can no longer boast at least the basics - a local butcher, bakery and greengrocer, every property in Bitterne Park will drop in value by at least Ł10,000. So the loss of Fruitopia may well result in a loss of millions in the value of local properties.

We need to pull together: let us protect and save our community.  We still have a chance to live the real life that the majority in this country has lost. 

Graham Cotton.

At we’d like to thank Fruitopia for supporting us with advertising when the site first started — and of course for selling us great fruit and veg over the years. It’s a sad loss, and we wish Pete and Nancy all the best for the future.

For our interview with Pete Smith, click here

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0 #21 nick 2007-08-01 08:20
Reading the interview with the former owner of Fruitopia it is quite clear that the problems forcing its closure were not caused by the Tesco. He even states that Waitrose had the biggest impact on his business. The incessant and quite often uneducated rambling about Tesco on this site is boring. How about blaming the Co-op as they sell veg as well, or lets blame the off license as i have even seen veg in there as well.

The fact of the matter is that sometimes there is no-one to blame for the closure of a shop like this, as generally people do not tend to have a great deal of spare time and therefore they prefer to do the majority of there shopping in one place for convenience i.e a supermarket like Waitrose. That does not mean that Waitrose is to blame! It is only providing a service for people to use in the busy modern society we now live and work in.
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0 #22 alangibson 2007-08-02 14:11
Re post from lbluemel about a meeting about supporting traders at the Triangle.
Can you let us know what happeneed at the meeting, were there any positive outcomes/ideas that others that couldn't attend teh meeting can join in with/support?
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0 #23 lbluemel 2007-08-03 05:50
Alan, I've been waiting until I could log on again to let all you concerned people know what happened. We are producing a leaflet to distribute to local homes encouraging people to use the Triangle shops. Graham is looking into possibility of occasional mini farmers' markets at the Triangle. He also wants to resurrect the Halloween festivities that were an annual event at the Triangle until recently. I am planning to open a non-profit making wholefoods and fair-trade shop that will also sell donated second-hand goods. All money raised will go into a fund for the regeneration of the Triangle - perhaps a street part or subsidising a farmers' market and small expenditures to brighten up the Triangle and make it an attractive place to shop e.g. Christmas lights. Volunteers to help with any of the above projects would be welcome - contact me on 023 8033 2926 - as well as any ideas. Would people like another meeting on a different day of the week for those who couldn't make it last time? If anyone really believes that Tesco is not directly responsible for the demise of independent retailers they should read "Tescopoly". I have read this book and when I criticise Tesco I am doing so from an informed position, although obviously in Frutopia's case it was a combination of factors that forced its closure. I would like to sell fruit and veg as well as wholefoods, but as I don't have a vehicle it would be difficult for me to get to the whoesale markets to collect produce. However, I like the idea of selling excess produce - I certainly have an excess of runner and french beans at the moment and had an excess of loganberries earlier in the year. Maybe local allotment holders would like to donate or sell their surplus produce? It is good to know that so many people are concerned about the future of our community.
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0 #24 mikeh 2007-10-05 17:08
Yes I've had the puzzled croissant reaction. So I buy mine at the co-op. Maybe croissants on Saturdays only, or something, so everyone knows where they stand! I'd rather use the independent shop.

The Polish pastries are nice, though, as is the 'Wellbeing' bread.

Also I agree with the thing about plastic bags in the other thread: trying to make the Triangle a 'plastic bag free zone', as they did in that other Devon village, would a) help the environment, and b) give traders the chance to generate some much-needed publicity. Would Tesco rise to the challenge too?
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0 #25 crispian 2007-10-09 09:34
graham would u consider opening 1 of your bakeries on 1 of the busy high streets i know eastleigh or southampton dont have a proper bakery it would be nice to see a cottons bakery in a busy town or city centre think it would do well better then greggs and all the other wanna be bakeries or would the rent be to expensive?
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0 #26 loomx 2007-10-24 19:29
I just read in the Echo of a greengrocer in Townhill Park who's shutting down after 20 years of trading after being recently robbed. He said that because of the loss of community spirit and increasing violence in the area, he no longer wants to be there. Maybe he could be encouraged to come down to the Triangle instead?!
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0 #27 jackiefoy 2009-01-17 09:36
Has anyone started using London Off Licence yet for their supply of fruit and vegetables? I popped along there the other evening as I need a green pepper and they were most accomodating. Local and not a conglomerate! I don't know if that's the right word for Tesco but I'm sure you all appreciate what I mean.
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0 #28 AnnMacGillivray 2009-01-29 14:57
I have used the veg from this shop a good effort with his display and good service.
I do not usually go up Bond Hill but the display caught my eye when passing.
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