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29 April 2017

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More antisocial behaviour at Deepdene PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 April 2017 20:55

dd mike hall 2Updated: We've received these photos showing more antisocial behaviour by - or rather underneath - the children's play equipment at Deepdene.


It looks as though attempts have been made to either melt or set alight the climbing structure, which was installed in August 2015.

dd mike hall 2

Previously we reported that broken glass had been arranged on the slide, and the play and field area is covered in litter on a regular basis. Thanks to Mike Hall for the photos.

dd mike hall 1

deepdene litter
 "Litter" in the playground, photographed in January 2017 - pic:

dd camp in woods


Update April 19: Whatever you think about camps in the woods - perhaps some harmless fun or essential cover for someone with no other shelter, this suspended installation at Deepdene and photographed on 19/4/17 is surrounded by rubbish.'re reader powered!
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