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16 December 2017
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Food dumped at Riverside Park PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 17:42

20170411 154031Waste food has been dumped at Riverside Park, near Cobden Bridge close to the 'geese in the tree' artwork installation


We took these photographs on Tuesday (April 11), although there may have been earlier incidents since at least the start of the month – of particular concern to dog walkers and in the light of rat problems reported in other parts of the city. 

20170411 154031

20170411 154017

The food in these pictures seems to be a bizarre mix of slices of bread, possibly baked potatoes, mackerel fillets of the type bought at the supermaket, possibly other fish, and perhaps previously frozen vegetables.

And uncooked chips (crinkle cut!).

20170411 154027

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