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19 August 2017
"Your website is providing a platform for local residents to communicate about the local area, and has brought the local community closer together.
Bitterne Park is a special place - one of the last real villages in Southampton; you help us all to remember that. Well done!"

Ann MacGillivray

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Ukulele Jam go for marathon Triangle fundraising performance PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 20:41

runner ukes1To mark the Southampton Marathon on Sunday, April 23, Southampton Ukulele Jam (SUJ) will be embarking on their own ‘marathon performance’ in Bitterne Park Triangle as the runners come through.
• Marathon: road closures and ukes this Sunday


runner ukes1
The Jam play runners through Riverside Park during last year's marathon

They say it’s been suggested that the average time to run the London Marathon is 4 hours, 6 minutes and 8 seconds, so they’ll attempt to play for that time, raising money for charities The Society of St James and No Limits as they sing and strum.

Sponsorship is of SUJ as a whole, rather than of individual players, and real sponsorship forms, “like you used to have at school” will be in use.

Jam co-founder Colin McAllister said: "SUJ are training hard for this challenge. We're nervous, we're excited and we're looking forward to shouting and singing at the runners. Find a member of The Jam and sponsor them!"

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