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16 December 2017

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Watch: Utter chaos as large vessel in ‘near miss’ with Cobden Bridge PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 April 2017 00:00

bridge collison image 460Traffic has now returned to normal after an earlier incident in which a large vessel appeared to be involved in a near miss with Cobden Bridge. Read more to watch an amateur video of the incident.


A spokesperson from Cobden Bridge Residents’ Association said she was "absolutely furious".

She told it had been an "incident just waiting to happen” after previous dredging work had made upriver access possible for larger craft.

The footage shows just how close the gargantuan cruise ship – and bridge – came to disaster.

Amateur footage

• Were you there? Did you see what happened? Were you on board the Bitternia at the time of the incident? How did you feel? And how do you feel now, as you look back on it with the benefit of hindsight? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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