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15 December 2017
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Southampton Greens want increased waterfront access PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 February 2017 10:04

greens waterside illustrationSouthampton Green Party has published a detailed report looking at waterfront access in the city, and is organising a walk celebrating our “precious waterfront heritage” for Saturday, February 25.


greens waterside illustration

Greens are asking Southampton people to join their ‘Love our Waterfront’ walk from The Bargate to Mayflower Park on Saturday, February 25, which they say will be “colourful and musical”, as they demand that greater access to waterside environments, and particularly the Mayflower Park shoreline, is given priority over the demands of developers.

Their report, published earlier this month, includes an examination of several waterside spots around Bitterne Park, St Denys and Bitterne Manor, and reveals that some are more accessible than others.

locked gate at Riverdene
Locked Riverdene gate


As well as highlighting some of Southampton’s greatest – but often unsignposted – waterside assets, the report points to a fragmented approach to access: from disconnected and “uninviting” apartment blocks and mysteriously locked gates, to steps preventing wheelchair access and unkempt paths “squeezed between the boundary” of development sites and the river, it seems there’s plenty more room for joined up thinking and planning.

Starting a conversation

Southampton Green Party member Angela Mawle said: “The public anger at the loss of a short segment of waterside access at Centenary Quay is an indication of how much the people of Southampton value our waterside areas.

“Mayflower Park is an example of what we are losing. Instead of luxury flats and a sterile park dedicated to the Boat Show, we could have a community space giving everyone the chance to connect to the waterside and to enjoy the health and recreational benefits that it brings. We want to start a conversation about what type of development would truly benefit the people of Southampton and to ensure that our beautiful rivers and shorelines are loved and protected into the future.”

Greens have even commissioned an alternative “what could be” artist’s impression for the Royal Pier development area, shown with this piece.

The celebratory walk will assemble at the Bargate at 11.30 am on Saturday, February 25, arriving at Mayflower Park at around noon; more details on Facebook.

The Green Party’s report, ‘Love our Waterfront’, can be read online here .

Illustration courtesy Southampton and District Greens

waterfront at riverdene

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