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15 December 2017
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Wednesday, 01 February 2017 17:04

bitterneroadsignHere's a film locals may well enjoy: some fifteen rather detailed minutes all about Southampton's evolving traffic system back in 1974,  encouraging the use of public transport when roads were clogged with private cars with often only one person in them even then.


There are plenty of shots of familiar places, particularly around Bitterne, and it's an interesting to see the apparent solutions in the light of recent debates, in this film made the City of Southampton and Department of the Environment.

Says the British Film Institute of the film:

'Convinced that every traffic scheme is designed to turn the lights red just as you approach? This breakdown of a new traffic scheme on a bottleneck route into Southampton reveals just how complex these systems can be. Aimed at town planners rather than longsuffering commuters, the "bigger picture" of 90,000 man hours saved annually means more than the somewhat underwhelming 3 minute improvement to daily journey times for the average punter.'

You can view it via the BFI's player from this link.

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