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28 April 2017

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Parents give views on school uniform proposals PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 18:01

bitterne park school badge on sweaterAs Bitterne Park School invites feedback from parents on proposed changes to its school uniform, a detailed letter is soon to be on its way to the chair of governors and the city’s education cabinet member from parents who oppose the plans.


Among other things, the proposals include the introduction of a new school blazer, and shirts and ties for all.

A Bitterne Park School website feedback form offers two blazer preferences to choose between, with no status quo option, but with a field to submit comments. Blazers will apparently cost between £26 and £31, depending on size.

The school lists its rationale for the proposals in a web presentation, through the following bullet points:

  • A more consistent, smarter image
  • Raising Standards
  • Parity with schools in Southampton
  • Aspirational – Outstanding Schools
  • Opportunity of moving into new building in September 2017

The six-page letter, which is currently attracting signatures from parents, runs through each of the points in some considerable detail, as well as pointing to Department for Education (DfE) and National Governors’ Association guidance on school uniforms.

DfE guidance cited says that “governing bodies should give highest priority to the consideration of cost and value for money for parents”.

“In our view the rationale is very weak and the costs are high,” argues the letter, which claims the “total cost of the change incurred by the school community will be £53000 to £60000.”

The school's online uniform presentation says there will be a Uniform Consultation Evening for parents from 6-7pm on January 25.

School website feedback form
School website uniform presentation
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