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18 December 2017


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What is the Noticeboard?

Noticeboard graphicThe Noticeboard is a directory of local businesses and community organisations, facilities and resources.

Some listings are 'curated' by us, but most sections are self-service.

There is also a classified advertising section.

Basic Listings in most sections are free. Listings in our Business section start from just £25 a year – that's just £2.08 a month – which gives you a listing in your own words, with a link to your website or social media page.

Featured Listings are £35 a year –  around £2.92 a month. Featured Listings, like the example below, are highlighted, appear above basic listings and are listed in rotation on the front page. Choose this option on the payment page if you want your listing to stand out.

Alchemy example featured

Once you've placed your listing, you can log in and easily edit it to keep it up to date...


edit noticeboard listing screenshot

Our site receives thousands of unique visits a month, with many visitors returning several times, and it's very visible in search results, so it's a great way to be found by those looking for your product or service, and to be seen to be supporting the local webslte.

Placing a listing in any section is a simple, self-service process. If you want a listing in our Business Section you can alternatively email us or call on 023 8001 8612 (if necessary leave a message and we'll get back to you asap).

sign in graphic1. Log in to

You need to create a free account with the site before you can log in. Click here to create your account or use the Sign up link on the main menu: the process is free, quick and relatively painless! Creating a login means you'll be able to go back and edit your listing later when you want to.

2. Click here to add your listing.
Make sure you're logged in, and then enter your information into the various fields, and then click the 'Submit' button at the bottom.  That's it. Your listing will be approved - or otherwise - at our discretion - and you should receive an email confirmation when it appears.

If you're a business adding a listing to our Business section or other sections where there's a charge, then we'll contact you regarding payment, which can be made securely online.

Listings will be approved once payment has been made. If you prefer to pay by another method, such as internet banking or cheque, please email us for details or call 023 8001 8612.

Take out your Featured listing today....

Featured listing exampleFeatured listings give you more exposure. If you'd like to take out a Featured Listing, which:

  • highlights your entry
  • places it above Basic listings
  • lasts for a year
  • offers 450 characters (about 60 words) to describe your business
  • includes a link to your website so you can give all the extra information you need to
  • and rotates the title of your listing on our busy front page

then simply call us on 023 8001 8612(please leave a message during busy periods and request a call back), or contact us by email , and we can either place your listing for you, or upgrade your existing Basic listing (see below for details on how to create a Basic listing).

You can pay by PayPal, bank transfer (BACS) using telephone or internet banking, or even cheque.

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Noticeboard FAQs

Why would I want to list my organisation or business?
Because our site receives thousands of visits every month, so it's good publicity for you. It also gets frequently indexed by Google and other search engines. And if you choose a Featured listing (see details below) you'll be getting even more exposure, while also being seen to be supporting the local website. Nice!
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How do I choose my category?
By using the 'Manage Categories' link when you add your listing (or you can navigate to the category you wish to be included under before clicking 'Add listing' under your user menu.)  And if all that sounds like nonsense, then don't worry: we'll put your listing where we think it fits best.
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What categories are there?
Have a look here. Contact us if you want us to consider others.
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Is there a word limit?
There's a limit of 450 characters in the description field for both Featured and free basic listings. That equates to about 60 words. If you exceed the 450 characters your description will be automatically truncated. It's always worth checking how your listing appears once it's been approved in case this has occured.
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What are the costs
In the Busness section listings start from £25 a year, which is £2.08 a month.
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What are Featured Listings?
Noticeboard Chameleon screenshot
Featured Listings, like the examle to the right, give you more exposure, because they appear highlighted above 'non featured listings in your chosen section. Featured Listings also appear on the Noticeboard homepage, in rotation, and are rotated with other Featured listings on the front page of the site. They cost just £35 a year for one listing in one category. You can add a small logo for a further £10 a year – see above for more details. Please contact us to take up these options or if you need help placing your Featured Listing..

ImageAdd your logo to your Featured listing. Add an 80 x 80 px logo for an extra
£10 a year. Just let us know you require this option when you book.

All types of listings may be placed once, in one category only. We may however duplicate them in others, and change category headings from time to time, at our discretion.

Do I have to include my email address?
Yes. But visitors won't see it, and we won't knowingly pass it on. See the site's Terms of Use for more info on this kind of thing.
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Can I edit my listing in the future?
Yes. Log in to the site, go to your listing and click on the 'Edit' link. Changes have to be approved. (If you make excessive use of the edit facility we may lose the will to live, and just remove your listing!)
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Can I delete my listing?
No. But we can do it for you - please email us using the form under the 'Contact us' menu, giving full listing details and your site username.
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How do I pay?

Once you submit your listing, or contact us by email or phone, we'll send you details about how to pay securely online, or you can use your own internet or phone banking, or even pay by cheque.
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Other stuff
Please note that we reserve the right to delete, edit
or to not publish any listings at our complete discretion, and without explanation. Bear in mind the Noticeboard is intended primarily as a local (Bitterne Park area) resource. We may also move listings to a more appropriate category and reserve the right to rearrange categories from time to time at our discretion..
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The inclusion of any particular advertisement or listing in no way constitutes any form of endorsement by / the site owners, for any business or organisation, and we accept no liability for any costs, losses or damages resulting from or related to any use of such advertised or listed third party products or services.

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