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16 December 2017


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How to post your listing to For sale / wanted / giving away PDF Print E-mail

Adding listings is easy!

sign in graphic1. Log in to
You need to create a free account with the site before you can log in. You only need to do this once. Click here to create your account if you haven't already got one: the process is free, quick and relatively painless!

2. Click here to add your listing
Make sure you've signed in, enter your information into the various fields (we only need your email address: the other contact fields are optional), and then click the 'Submit' button at the bottom. That's it. Your listing will be approved - or otherwise - at our discretion - and you should receive an email confirmation when it appears.

New listings are set to automatically expire after a limited period, after which you can log in and place it again. You can also add a photo if you want to, but it has to be small - currently 30k is roughly the maximum size.

Editing your listing

edit noticeboard listing screenshot

If you want to edit your listing, to add more details or perhaps indicate it's been 'Sold' or 'Taken', after making sure you've signed in to the site, go to your listing and click on the 'Edit' button (shown above).

submit edit noticeboard screenshot

Make your changes, add a photo if you wish (scroll down to add it) and click 'Submit'.

We don't want to create lots of rules or have to spend hours moderating this, so stealing this from Bill and Ted, as well as another well known group, please "be excellent to each other", enjoy using the faciltiy, and no animals/commercial services/offers of work/ funny stuff etc please - there are other sections for some of these.

This section is to help you sell - or give away - your unwanted items locally, and post 'wanted' ads. This section is for private ads only. If you want to promote your business or services on our sites, please considering taking out one of the various paid-for options: these help you reach people and help keep the site going! Please keep your ads under 60 words (they will be cut if too long automatically). Please make it clear whether you are selling, giving away or want items (we may add a field for this later). New ads may be made into Featured listings and include a photo, if you upload a suitable one, for a limited period. Ads expire after a limited period but can be re-posted. We may extend or alter these guidelines over time.

Want to promote your business or service?

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