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17 November 2017
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Could be long wait for bus shelter PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 January 2016 10:37

bus shelter missingIf you've been the victim of a drenching recently while waiting for the number seven bus from the Triangle into town, you may be interested to hear that the missing bus shelter will apparently be reinstated in its original position – after the McCarthy and Stone retirement flats have been built.


The council says the shelter had to be removed to allow the construction of the new flats, but that a suitable alternative location couldn't be found.

Other locations weren't suitable “on highway grounds” apart from on Cobden Bridge itself, where we're told it isn't possible to construct a shelter as it could cause damage.

So when will the flats be completed?

Last July McCarthy and Stone said “pre-commencement work” was underway and the full build would start in November 2015. Now they say the pre-commencement works are underway and put the “likely” construction start date as May 2016.

• In an update the council suggested it's "chasing" the developer, which it says "should have started works on January 4". The council says it wants to return bus shelter facilities as soon as it can.

bus shelter missing

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