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16 January 2018

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Decision to close NHS Walk-in Centre slated PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 October 2015 16:12

Why consult?
bitterne walk in ctr walking in
Updated with That's Solent TV reports: It's been widely reported that the closure of Bitterne NHS Walk-in Centre has been agreed, even though 73% of people consulted opposed the move, according to Southampton Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).


Speaking about the decision, Itchen MP Royston Smith (Con) told adequate alternatives aren't in place:

“I am very disappointed with the CCG's decision to close the Bitterne Walk-in Service. Not just for those who will now lose this much loved facility but for all those who took part in the consultation and attended the public meetings. 

“The CCG has taken away the only walk-in facility on the east of the city without putting adequate alternatives in place. 

“Many of my constituents said they felt the consultation was a sham and they believed the decision was already made. They will now feel their concerns were justified."


Meanwhile TUSC campaigner Nick Chaffey said:

bitterne walk in centre sign

“In response to the CCG Board decision yesterday, to reject its own findings that 73% of people they consulted oppose the closure of the Walk-In is deeply shocking. What sort of accountability to the public is this?

“The decision was opposed by the city council, our local MP and a campaign petition of over 2200 and yet the CCG board chose to ignore this! At the same time it accepted the criticisms that have been consistently raised about local access to GPs.

walk in centre consultation screenshot
The online consultation offered the public a stark choice, as well as giving space for further comments

“TUSC continue to reject the assertion of the CCG that Walk-In services are duplicated through the existence of Pharmacy First and the NHS 111 service. These are not services providing health professional nurse or GP advice and is not what we pay our taxes for.

“TUSC does not accept this decision and will lobby councillors at the council Health & Overview Scrutiny panel meeting tonight [Oct 1] at 5.30pm to reject the closure proposal.”

The following is a video report on the issue by Solent News Now / That's Solent TV

And here's another from the council's scrutiny meeting


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