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16 January 2018

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Results of Bitterne Walk-in consultation discussed Wednesday PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 September 2015 12:38

bitterne walk in centre signThe results of the consultation over plans to shut the NHS Walk-in Centre in Bitterne will be discussed in public on Wednesday.

The governing body of Southampton NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) meet on Wednesday, September 30 from 2 - 5pm at Central Hall (Evans Street, Southampton, SO14 1ZA) to discuss the results.

Southampton CCG has said its preferred option is to shut the Bitterne centre and "re-distribute the current funding to community nursing and community-based care", and claims it has to “get the balance right” and make a choice between the two options.

It says keeping it open risks duplicating some services in the area.

'We pay for an NHS, we pay for GPs, and that's what people want'

Speaking on a BBC South report on September 27 about closure plans (link to BBC iPlayer: first item on programme), Southampton Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalitioin (TUSC) campaigner Nick Chaffey said:

"The NHS is advising people to go to pharmacies and phone the 111 service. That's not qualified GPs and nurses. We don't pay for that. We pay for an NHS, we pay for GPs, and that's what people want."

MP Royson Smith told the BBC that the centre should be able to stay open if it's organised differently and run more cost effectively.

For more background see our previous story here.

walk in centre consultation screenshot
The online consultation offered the public a stark choice, as well as giving space for further comments

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