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18 January 2018

"Hi. This is just a comment on your website as I have just discovered it. I am a Bitterne Parker Parker because that's my last name! I lived in Bitterne Park at the White Lodge, Castle Road. I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. Thanks for the lovely reminder of Bitterne Park."
Colin Parker, Vancouver Island

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Wednesday, 14 February 2007 17:52
Cobbett Cake

“It’s amazing. It’s fantastic! It restores your faith that the public do have a say, and that it’s worth doing something,” said resident Rachel Hickman on hearing the news that Cobbett Road Library has escaped the axe!

An amended Liberal Democrat Budget Resolution, passed this afternoon (Feb 14), included withdrawing  "savings dependent on library closure.” The turnaround came following a remarkable community campaign, which brought together a broad range of people, and which seemed to take on a life of its own.

before the budget
Before the budget meeting
“There have been so many people, separately, doing stuff: people putting their own leaflets and signs up - it’s been wonderful,” said Rachel.

“My main feeling is one of great relief,” said retired librarian Doreen le Huquet outside the Civic Centre after the meeting. “It certainly should not have been on the agenda, and I’m very glad it has come off. I hope it will stay open for many years to come, so that everyone can benefit. It’s one of the things that is open to absolutely every resident to use, and they’ve shown their support for it.” She also praised the role had played in the campaign, which also involved petitioning, leafleting, lobbying councillors and successfully getting the word out in the media.

John Denham with library users
Residents were supported by the ward councillors and Itchen MP John Denham. Earlier in the campaign John Denham described the facility as
"much-loved":  "It is part of the community, many of its users are elderly and would not find it easy to travel to other libraries in the City. Once it has gone, it will never be replaced,” he said.

Cllr Peter Baillie
Cllr Peter Baillie
Following the decision, Councillor Peter Baillie said: "I am delighted that Cobbett Road Library will remain open. Hopefully it will remain as a vital part of the community infrastructure in Bitterne Park for many years to come. Thanks must go to everyone who helped with the fantastic community response in opposing this proposed closure - I and Phil Williams were delighted to have played a part in reversing what would have been a quite disgraceful decision to close the library. This is a good day for Bitterne Park."
Cllr Phil Williams
Cllr Phil Williams

The campaign also drew support from such well-known names as
author Philip Pullman (Dark Materials trilogy etc), Channel 4’s Bremner, Bird and Fortune, and BBC presenter Chris Packham.

In a letter to the Council, Philip Pullman said: “As an author I know how important it is to make books as widely available as possible, but as a library user I know that a local library is much more than just a source of books. It is a vital educational resource, a centre for the local community to share information and enjoyment, a place free of commercial pressures that allows everyone to follow their own interests and their minds. I know that libraries have helped me, as they've helped countless others, to make all kinds of discoveries and to enrich my life beyond measure.”

school banner

John Bird, representing
Bremner, Bird and Fortune, said: "We know that central government always leaves councils underfunded and presumably always will, but the provision of good, easily accessible libraries is one of the most valuable things a local authority does and when times are tight they should be the last things to be cut, not the first.

"What could be better for Southampton’s future than to have generations of children who are literate, lively-minded and intellectually curious? The city will certainly get a better return on that than from flogging off a bit of land. And it would do more for its image than any number of laser displays."

Bitterne Park Infants
Bitterne Park Infants

BBC presenter Chris Packham, who regularly visited the library as a child, said: " I am a firm believer that libraries are an essential resource in the community for both their social and educational aspects.  Despite the age of the Internet books retain a real value and these days libraries have become a lot more than shelves full of the latter.  It will be a real shame if this library closes, not for those nostalgics and generations of those who have already used it, but for those who have yet to enjoy the passage through its doors."

Update: Library users enjoyed a celebration at the Library on Saturday morning (Feb 18). At one point it was hard to get in the door of the meeting room, as residents listened to speeches, chatted and enjoyed some cake, made especially for the occasion. There has been a renewed interest in making use of the Library's meeting room, and a 'friends of the library' group is being formed.



0 #1 joshcrandon 2007-02-14 19:39
:D :D
This is such good news. It just goes to show what we can do as a community. Many thanks to all who put in effort on this. It has been great meeting new people with a common goal!!
It is a fantastic local resource and it would have been criminal if the council closed it.
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0 #2 SJB 2007-02-14 20:50
Congratulations , WE saved it. I know that alot of people have put in an enormous amount of time to keep our library open. I would like to thank everyone and especially Rachel Hickman. :D :D
Report to administrator
0 #3 Rachel 2007-02-14 21:25
Thank you to Guy for this website and all his work, it made it so much easier to co-ordinate everything!
Thanks to all those people who delivered leaflets, wrote letters, signed petitions, made banners, came to meetings etc! A fantastic community effort! :D :D :zzz
Report to administrator
0 #4 deborah 2007-02-15 11:29
this is amazing. I have to say I was completely sceptical when I read the consultation report - closure seemed like a foregone conclusion. Thank you to everyone.

(and I have to say how important this website has been in keeping people informed of meetings and developments)
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0 #5 Sallyjcook 2007-02-15 20:10
A huge thank you must go to local Cllrs Peter Baillie and Phil Williams. They understand the system and knew what might work. Without them we wouldn't have even been in the Amendment to the Budget which was passed yesterday. Thank you both for your energy and effort. :-)
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0 #6 newtonite 2007-02-16 07:29
I was overjoyed to hear the news. I have been proudly displaying my poster in my window and by that alone hope I contributed. This truly is people power but I fear this issue and many others like it will come up next year and the year after that.
I believe that the momentum for this strength of feeling should be carried on via this site and also by setting up a group in Bitterne Park to defend our local council facilities for the future.
It doesnt matter what colour of politics the party governing the council is. The choice will always be to administer cuts.
We as a community need to get organised to oppose this.

Anyway, well done the community of Bitterne Park!!!! :D
Report to administrator
0 #7 lbluemel 2007-02-16 11:36
Wonderful news. I will never take the library for granted again. Everyone in my family is overjoyed. Congatulations, everyone.
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0 #8 Carole Dennis 2007-02-16 11:48
This is just fantastic news. It just shows what a community can do when it sticks together. Thank you to all who have fought so hard to keep this valuable community resource from being relegated to the bin. But, a word of caution, be aware at this time next year, that the Council may try again to close the library. At which time, they will be faced with the same response they had this year. Bitterne Park residents and all who use the library will not go out without a fight!!!!!!
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0 #9 OldTrout 2007-02-17 13:41
Thank you to everyone who fought to retain the library. Today's party was lovely and we must now continue the momentum and the strength of spirit. So, here's to the Friends of Cobbett Road Library Group, long may it prosper.
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0 #10 oldboy48 2007-02-19 15:51
Amazing news, just shows what people power can achieve, however lets stay alert and not forget that its the local elections in May and that may be some of the reason behind this council u-turn.
Well done everybody.
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