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18 December 2017


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Bitterne Parker: Daniel Hibbs
Sunday, 05 April 2015 00:00

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As a child Daniel Hibbs remembers the Triangle being closed to traffic every Halloween, and each shop getting involved with the evening. Today he's the manager of the Co-op at Bitterne Park Triangle. He's 28 years old, and has lived in Bitterne Park all his life, attending all the local schools.

The Qs & the As

What’s your link with Bitterne Park?

I'm currently the manager of Bitterne Park Triangle Co-op.

What’s your earliest memory of the area?

Every year at Halloween when I was a young child I remember in the evening the Triangle was closed off to traffic. There were open stalls selling food and drinks, and each shop in the Triangle contributed something! And the old veggie shop always did a pumpkin carving/decoration competition!

How could the area be better?

Opening up unique different businesses in the area to attract extra people to the Triangle. – just like the Cups and Cones and Butcher's Hook have done. Well done guys!

Tell us something we probably didn’t know already about Bitterne Park

That the current clock tower in the Triangle hasn't always been there! It was originally in Above Bar in Southampton city centre!

What’s your passion in life?

I have many passions in life which include cooking, socialising with friends, watching films, and sports including football, rugby and golf.

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What has your career taught you?

Well working in retail and within the local community at the Triangle I strive to be an open, honest friendly guy! Going the extra mile for customers can make their day and makes it worthwhile.

What really gets your goat?
Rude customers that come into the store expecting a full customer experience yet who don't give you their full attention – for example being on their phone while you're trying to serve them.

I also hate shop lifters! Why should they have stock for free when every one else comes in and pays for it?

Which is your favourite pub?

My favourite pub in the area is the Butcher's Hook. Because it's a micro pub the choice of drinks changes on a weekly basis which is great, as I get bored of the same drinks.

What are you drinking?

Well currently I'm having a green tea with lemon but my favourite tipple has to be a double gin, tonic and a couple slices of fresh lime. It's so refreshing and tastes too good!

What do you listen to?

I'm going to be very honest here: I love all genres of music but my favourite has to be acoustic, and artists including Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Xavier Rudd and James Bay.

Can you recommend a good read?

The Damage Done. It's about an Australian drug trafficker who was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment in Thailand in 1978. He describes the violence and harsh conditions he experienced in prison.

What scares you?


Having come very close to death in 2012 with a subarachnoid haemorrhage bleed within my brain, one realises how short life can be!

What’s on your ‘bucket list’?

To travel to as many places in the world as possible. I have been very fortunate to have travelled to Australia and south east Asia on a sixteen-month backpacking trip back in 2004. My next trip will have to be west of the UK.

Tell us a joke?

I'm terrible at jokes always have been always will be. How about:

Doctor doctor I feel like a pair of curtains

Well pull your self together!

Thanks so much for taking part!

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