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15 December 2017

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Who wanted this, again? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 January 2007 20:30

Well, it has happened! Tesco are 'invading Bitterne Triangle'!

After months of waiting to see what would happen to the site of the old Shell Station, and then seeing demolition and commencement of work on the site, they finally put up a sign just before Christmas: a 'Tesco Express - Coming Soon'. This will, of course, impact on the Triangle. And the traffic around this area is absolutely intolerable at the best of times and Tescos are only going to compound the problem. If people feel strongly about the invasion of Tesco, then support the shops in the Triangle. I for one, out of protest, will not be using the new Tesco.

Carole Dennis



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0 #11 mikeh 2007-03-01 13:51
How, then, nick, should residents organise themselves, to put concerns about the community? If you wait to be asked your opinion, you could be there some time, while the world changes around you.

Issues like policing/safety on the streets, the attempted closure of local resources like our library, the increase in air passenger numbers using Southampton from 1.84 million in 2005 to 6 million by 2030 (mainly for the benefit of the airport's Spanish owners), or concerns that our community is being turned into 'Clone Town Britain', with planning laws allowing the endless march of blocks of flats and faceless supermarkets to wipe out the character of the area and cause traffic mayhem, are all legitimate areas of concern for residents. And our independent stores are one of the positive features of Bitterne Park, and have surely defined our area ever since you and your parents have lived here.

How else will anything ever happen, other than by investing personal time, trying to ensure the council and other bodies actually act on our behalf, creating and participating in such groups as residents' associations or AXE (or whatever other pressure group you want to set up), and by attempting to say how we want things to be, now, and for our kids in the future?

None of these mechanisms is perfect; all involve some effort; but, as we've seen, they can have an effect. And the last residents' association meeting did invest their time in organising a session with police representatives so residents could have the opportunity to find out more about the very subjects that seem to concern you most :eek:
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0 #12 embr28 2007-03-02 09:51
I agree completely about the earlier comments that we should not use the new tesco store. Tescos are taking over the world and forcing small independant shops to close. Not only that they are also one of the worst supermarkets for green issues, and as already mentioned do not treat their suppliers fairly.

One of the main reasons I moved to Bitterne Park was because of the village feel around the triangle and shops, and I love to shop there. I will not be using Tescos. We must support our local shops even if it means a few extra pence it is worth it. The quality is so much better anyway. I get a fruit and veg box from Fruitopia every week and it is brilliant. It saves continuous trips to the supermarket and comes with no packaging. Tescos wrap everything in endless amounts of plastic, boxes, bags etc and it is harming our environment.

We can not be lazy and turn a blind eye. Please make the effort to shop at the triangle and keep this area alive.
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0 #13 nick 2007-03-03 20:20
Well as my comments seem to have provoked a few responses it's only right of me to respond. Firstly to all:- 1. I should clarify that i did not say Tesco is better than the other shops. I do not prefer Tesco, i will be using whatever shop i happen to be closest to at the time that i need to buy something, whether that be the Co-op or Tesco. 2. Mr Choice, I wouldn't worry about the new Tesco bullying the Co-op out of town, the Co-op group turned over more that £8 billion last year I doubt if the local Co-op will be going anywhere. As for the other shops i am sure those people who always buy their fruit and veg at a fruit and veg shop, meat from the butchers and bread from the bakery will continue to do so. The Tesco is however quite handy if you need something quick in the evening when everything is shut. 3. I can't comment on how noisy a Tesco delivery driver is when delivering to a store as i have never heard one. 4. The Shell garage had 40 ft tankers deliver petrol for years, if you managed to negotiate your way around them i'm sure you will be fine with a Tesco lorry. 5. A youth centre would have been a good idea, and yes it would be a nice gesture if Tesco donated some money to a project like this but similarly i don't see why the Co-op couldnt as well. 6. Carole Dennis, some valid points, i have never sought out the residents association, i never knew it existed and like you i stumbled over it on this website but if i didn't have the internet i still would be none the wiser, I didn't report the incident at the triangle to the police but in fairness to myself there was also another witness calling the police on a mobile, whether it got reported or not i don't know (however you are correct in saying things like this should be reported and i now know better should i be in this situation again). Everything you say about gangs is true but the whole reason behind my last comment was that i had just discovered that a residents association existed and were tackling the issue of the new Tesco and i felt that if they have the time to do that then they could tackle more important issues. Some people do have more spare time than others so before i am accused of not bothering to involve myself i would just like to say i work 6 days a week and i spend my day off and any evenings with my wife and children (if more people did the same maybe there would be less kids roaming the streets causing trouble). 7. mikeh, like i said previously if i hadn't stumbled upon this website then I would still be unaware of the residents association i am sure that this is the case with the majority of residents in BP (most of my friends and family live here and not one of them knew about it), i haven't waited for someone to ask my opinion i was just surprised that this organisation expressed the views of local people and in 36 years i hadn't heard of them . I'm sure that there are many worthwhile issues for the residents association to discuss (like the library) but i still dont think Tesco is one of them. 8. I like the Airport, i use it to get to work, i use it to go abroad and my wife, sister, sister in law, two cousins and best friend all live in BP and work there so it also provides jobs to the local community. 9. It would be nice having the time to invest in changing the world, but as i have so little spare time i choose to invest it in raising my children. However you now have me intrigued so post some details of where to attend a residents association meeting on here and i will try to make time to come. (I have attempted to follow the link from this website to the residents association website but it doesn't work and i cant find it on a search engine).
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0 #14 mikeh 2007-03-09 16:55
I went to their last AGM in September; there were quite a few posters around the local shops in the Triangle etc., and I think we may have had a leaflet through the door, if memory serves. I don't know what other public meetings they hold, or if they have a web page. I believe there may be another residents' association for the Bitterne Manor area; don't know anything about it, or the exact areas served by each, but perhaps you're in 'their patch'?
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0 #15 Carole Dennis 2007-03-15 14:57
It's now been three weeks since the Tesco in BP opened it's doors. Last Saturday (10th March) I happened to visit the Co-Op first thing in the morning, and it was really busy. I think local people are really supporting the Triangle at the moment. I would be interested to see if the people using Tesco's are actually resident in the area, or people just passing through. I actually have to walk past the Tesco to get to Co-Op but nothing can convince me to go in there, I actually take great delight in walking back past them with my Co-Op bag in hand. For those supporting the Triangle - keep up the good work!!!!
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