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16 January 2018

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Bitterne Park Hotel: 'Could resume trading next week' PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 January 2014 13:40

Bitterne Park Hotel owners Enterprise Inns say the pub could resume trading as early as next week, that they intend to invest in the site to get the most out of it, and have described rumours the site could be turned into a McDonalds as a “red herring”.

Read our subsequent story: New publican for Bitterne Park Hotel

Read our subsequent story: New publican for Bitterne Park Hotel

The pub closed on Monday, January 13, and was boarded up shortly afterwards. Since then there have been local concerns and rumours that it could go the way of other Southampton locals and be turned into yet another supermarket, or even a fast food outlet.

But an Enterprise spokesperson suggested to that the pub could re-open very shortly:


"We are pleased to report we have received a good level of interest and are already in the process of interviewing candidates. We are aiming for the pub to resume trading next week and will be looking to invest in the Bitterne Park Hotel to help the site reach its full potential.”

The spokesperson said it’s too soon to know what “the offer” is going to be before it’s known who’s going to be taking on the pub, but that different candidates will have their own ideas about how to take the business forward.


She described rumours that the site could become a McDonald's as a “bit of a red herring” and said they were “inaccurate with regard to the Bitterne Park Hotel”, but suggested that perhaps rumours referred to Punch Taverns’ pub The Bittern in Thornhill Park Road, where there’s been a well-publicised campaign to try to stop it becoming a McDonald's.

John Denham MP, who has campaigned to create a more sustainable future for Britain’s pubs and tied licensees commented: “It’s always sad to see a pub closed and I hope an enterprising licensee can be found for the Bitterne Park. It would be good, though, if the Government introduced the new code of conduct for Pubcos as this would make taking on a pub much more attractive.”

Community hub

Rowenna DavisLocal resident and Labour parliamentary candidate Rowenna Davis welcomed the news that the pub could be re-opening:

“We all know that a pub is more than a place to enjoy a drink - they are also important hubs of our community where we can enjoy ourselves and take precious time out. Too many pubs have disappeared over the years, and I for one will be proud to raise a glass in our newly renovated Bitterne Park Hotel.”

Conservative ward councillor Peter Baillie said that he thought there was probably a need for two different pubs serving different markets. He added that “a really well run family pub would do a terrific trade there”.

Updated January 31 to include further comments

Read our subsequent story: New publican for Bitterne Park Hotel



0 #1 Cornucopia 2014-01-30 14:22
So disappointed, such a dreadful public house, had the misfortune of going inside once felt like I was standing in a dirty toilet!
The building and garden is an eye sore, if I were the owner I would be deeply ashamed.
It could be something wonderful but I guess that will never happen????
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0 #2 White 2014-01-31 01:41
Totally disagree with the above the. Pub was the heart of the community real people inside even your Tories leader used it and lot local businesses staff and owners yes needed a make over but but landlord tried his best he put his all into trying to keep it open and he helped so many people out , do you know every year he donated toys to children's ward at hospital has he put on fund raisers he never once did it for publicity he helped people out financially when they were down on there luck once a Spanish guy turned up tor bed breakfast Ian gave him cheap accommodation gave him work to help with his English and experience behind the bar was around Christmas time and he gave him a Christmas to remember and showed him how hospital some of us are , he helped him do his cv and apply for work in hotels and this was just one of any kind acts , I also remember when one of the old guys that had used the pub for over 50 years was ill he would run his fav pint up to his house or even when he could not walk far run him home
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