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18 December 2017

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Monday, 11 March 2013 09:31

plastic pellets or 'nurdles' at Chessel Bay nature reserve litter pickOver 60 people helped with the weekend cleanup of local nature reserve Chessel Bay, but concerns about 'nurdles', or plastic pellets, in the Itchen continues. 
Read a write up on Friends of Weston Shore website


Over 60 people, including junior wardens (pictured below) helped with the weekend cleanup of local nature reserve Chessel Bay, but concerns about 'nurdles', or plastic pellets, in the Itchen continues.  

They are thought to be a by-product of the plastics industry, and the Envrionment Agency has said it will look into the problem. You can download survey results about plastic pellet pollution from Friends of Chessel Bay’s website (PDF).

Junior Wardens Chessel Bay Litter Pick 0303

Junior Wardens help out at Chessel Bay litter pick.

Photographs: Ann MacGillivray



0 #1 Rose Nicole 2013-03-11 08:50
Just heard the total weight of rubbish collected on Saturday was 740 kg and the Bay is looking a great deal better. Well done everybody who put in a lot of hard work. The Environment Agency are looking into this problem which is now regarded by many people to be widespread along much of the lower Itchen, including the Bay. It's important, though, to remember that amongst all the litter, Chessel Bay matters as a designated site for wildlife. For those interested, local ornithologist are keeping records of bird sightings - it's a rare treat to have such a site in a busy City.
This is United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.
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0 #2 Ann MacGillivray 2013-03-14 19:28
I for one believe that all these people who lead these clean ups of local areas for the benefit of wildlife and the environment deserve some recognition for their work. I appreciate that there is considerable satisfaction gained in doing a good job for the local environment.
It would be good if a member of an agency with environmental interests would now step forward with the contact details of where people can supply the results of their efforts.
For example a measure of the volume and type of waste collected and the potential damage that this could have caused to local wildlife by being left uncollected.
So who is out there watching these posts who would be prepared to step forward for people to engage with.
Perhaps an agency who would be able to provide people with a means of recording necessary info that can be used to collate the necessary statistics to create a base for further action? Do let people know who you are? :-)
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