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24 February 2018
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Partial reprieve for Cobbett Road Library hours PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 09:43

cobbettopeningtimesCobbett Road Library is likely to escape with a cut to its opening hours of a sixth, rather than a half as had been feared, it has emerged following a cabinet meeting last night (Tuesday 23).

The latest council proposals for libraries are that hours should be cut by five a week, rather than 15 under the original plan.

Councillor Warwick Payne (pictured below), cabinet member for housing and leisure, told "We put forward the reduction in library hours with great reluctance in our initial budget because we had to plug a black hole of more than £25m.

"The figure has now reduced to nearer £20m, which means some services that were at risk can be saved, and I'm delighted to say that the library service will be amongst those that will receive more cash than initially planned.

Cllr Warwick Payne 200px"It is our intention to aim for the reduction in hours at libraries across the city to be nearer five hours per week rather than the initial proposal of 15 hours.

"In the case of Cobbett Road Library, this will mean the number of opening hours will no longer be reduced by around half, but closer to one sixth of the existing opening hours."

Rachel Hickman, secretary of Friends of Cobbett Road Library said: “We’re obviously pleased that the cuts to libraries will not be as severe, we’re also aware that more cuts will come and libraries still need protecting. Year upon year cuts, even if small will still lead to library closures, we need to protect our libraries for future generations. Use them or lose them. Thank you to the many people who have written to councillors and signed petitions.”



0 #1 Ann MacGillivray 2013-01-23 12:17
As far as I am aware The committee of full Council that ultimately makes the final decision about these proposed cuts has not yet met.

So that means that the Library users are still in with a chance of getting their views heard.
I am not happy the the current position of accepting or discussing these proposed cuts.
I would like to propose instead that the Library remains open to the community for all the hours that are required.
This is I believe what should be under discussion.

To achieve this I would like to suggest that the community should be able to propose their own perspectives to the Council regarding their services that they pay for and not just be permitted to comment on what the council proposes. Surely this is a fairer way of representing the views of the community?

There is a link on this website that gives people the opportunity to comment on these proposed cuts.
Like most questionaires it offers the opportunity to comment on what is proposed. There is however an opportunity to present your own views on what you require. So I would ask those who have not yet had a say to propose their own ideas. After all we do not have a community venue in Bitterne Park that provides a service for all of us.

So here is the link again
Council’s libraries “service user consultation” until Februrary 11, 2013 from this link.

along with another one where you can comment online about your views.

This is my comment
I do not wish any cuts in hours to these essential community information services
I would like all of the libraries to remain open for all of the hours that the community require.
I would also like all of the facilities that the community require to be made available through these community
venues which are community assets. I challenge the legal right of the local authority to reduce the availability of a service that we pay for.

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