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21 February 2018
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Ray of hope for libraries? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 January 2013 11:35

cobbett rd library stylised imageThe city’s ruling Labour group is “revisiting” proposed library cuts which could see opening times slashed across the city.

Under the proposals Cobbett Road Library in Bitterne Park is facing particularly savage cuts to its current 29.5 opening hours – of over 50% – which would take opening times down to just 14.5 hours a week. Bitterne Library could see a 15 hour-a-week cut, while Portswood Library is due for cuts of over a third, and Burgess Road Library of 50%.

But now an ‘unexpected windfall’ means councillors are re-considering cuts to library hours.

Cllr Warwick Payne 200px"No final decision"

Cllr Warwick Payne (right), cabinet member for housing and leisure, told that no final decision had been made following a meeting of Labour group councillors on Monday (January 22).:

"Whitehall has provided a one-off payment that has reduced the council's budget gap from around £25m to £20m.

"Councillors are now debating what services that were under threat could potentially be helped by this extra money.

"We are intending to revisit our proposals on library services as part of those discussions and the final budget will go to the full council in mid February."

The Daily Echo is reporting that “libraries have been given a reprieve by civic chiefs dishing money back out into the city sparing them from the axe” and suggests that a third of library cuts won’t now go ahead.

chris packham under CC3 by Waggers frm Humphrey the Camel• Earlier in the month revealed how the Friends of Cobbett Road Library had won the support of BBC presenter Chris Packham, (left) for their campaign to save the library from cuts.


Save our Library – Again –; includes petition and poster downloads, contact details for lobbying etc

Denham: Long term ambitious library strategy needed –

Library hours could be slashed –

Council’s libraries “service user consultation” until Februrary 11, 2013 from this link.

 Online petition opposing cuts to Cobbett Road Library’s opening hours

Photo of Chris Packham under CC by Waggers based on an original photo by Humphrey the Camel



0 #1 Rose Nicole 2013-01-22 12:02
Let's hope that Cobbett Road Library is spared these worrying and draconian cuts. After all, the library is a second home to very many of us in Bitterne Park - and that includes the staff who we count as our friends.
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0 #2 Ann MacGillivray 2013-01-22 14:45
I am pleased that the Councillors that represent the community along with the party with that has a majority in local government and also those with a majority in national government are re evaluating the community contribution that can be made by retaining these community information resources.
After all it is only the provision of these services that will enable people to access that step up that will ultimately improve the economic situation. Well done Government! So how about working together now to preserve all of our community assetts? :-)
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