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16 January 2018

"Hi. This is just a comment on your website as I have just discovered it. I am a Bitterne Parker Parker because that's my last name! I lived in Bitterne Park at the White Lodge, Castle Road. I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. Thanks for the lovely reminder of Bitterne Park."
Colin Parker, Vancouver Island

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Debris cleared to ease water flow at Woodmill PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 09:59
Environment Agency officers appeared to be removing a tree that was preventing water flow – and which apparently might have caused flooding – at Woodmill. We received this report on our Facebook page.

"I saw them doing it but no pics I was driving. There were three environment agency staff on the further shore Woodmill Lane with a rope attached to a large tree that was blocking the water flow. They pulled the log away from the sluice at the same time as three environment agency officers who were in a punt pushed the log. As a result of their efforts the water started to surge past and through the sluice. The force of this helped the water force the log away and the blockage was cleared allowing the water to flow freely. All done I believe with a good knowledge of water flow, leverage and good teamwork by skilled and practical people. Consequently no flooding at Woodmill. Good job and well done. All observed while waiting my turn on the "three cars one way three cars the other rule".

Ann MacGillivray


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