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15 December 2017


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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 11:37

At home with The Spiraltones

Pod CastJoin us for another fun podcast on Tuesday May 22 from around 8.30pm, live from Castle Spiraltone in Bitterne Park, this time featuring three great bands and a great Southampton poet, plus coverage of this year’s Environmental Rock festival. Click here to listen.


Yes,, and Sofa City Bands Collective are very proud to present – technology willing – an ambitious and exciting acoustic line up, live and direct from Bitterne Park.

Just tune in (over the internet using our radio player, now available from this link when activated) from around about 8.30pm, as we get the stream underway.

At around 8.40pm you can hear a talky bit – interviews recorded around this year’s Envirorock.

Then at around 9pm join The Spiraltones at home, this time with special guests:

  • Matthew West – poet and writer
  • 猫老師 (Neko Roshi)
  • Old Culture


 The Spiraltones

spiraltones_jo_daviesIf you haven’t heard The Spiraltones then just click here to listen to their excellent set on our first podcast, which went out in February. The band describe their music as “Country punk pop?” on their Facebook page, but why not click here to hear it for yourself. Pic: Jo Spiraltone, by Sarah Filmer



Matt WestMatthew West – poet and writer
Matt has performed regularly at The Art House’s Moving Voices, Apples and Snakes 451 and at Covent Garden's The Poetry Cafe’s 'Poetry Unplugged' night. He’s featured at Southampton’s Ejector Seat festival, and, more recently, at the SMILE fringe festival and A-Z  Musical Alphabet with Alphapoetica as part of the cultural Olympiad.

Hosting regular poetry workshops aimed at creating new audiences and encouraging community participation in the blossoming poetry scene in Southampton, Matt is currently working with Apples and Snakes as a shadow artist on Shake the Dust,  a nationwide youth slam initiative. He’s also preparing a new schedule of events and workshops that will take place in Southampton over the next 12 months.

For more information, visit


猫老師 (Neko Roshi)
neko_roshi猫老師 (Neko Roshi) is a band started in ’09 by Southampton rock veterans Pete and Dom Harvey (singing/guitar and drums). The band, which also features bass wunderkind Thomas J.Solomon and lead guitarist Damian 'Doctor' Cook, took its name from a Japanese folk-tale that teaches ‘strength is drawn from stillness’. “It doesn’t say anything about not employing face-melting volume as well,” said Doctor Cook.

We’re reliably informed that Neko Roshi is practising playing at lower temperatures for the podcast – which is probably for the best or the neighbours might have something to say.


Old Culture
Old CultureOld Culture features:

Billy Bligh - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele
Christy Callaway - Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals, Percussion
Tom Dodson - Guitar, Vocals

The band met at Peter Symonds College, and starting writing songs together a few months ago after each playing solo or in other bands.

Taking an average of each of their home-places, Old Culture is approximately from Eastleigh (Bitterne Park, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford).

What they say

“Catchy chops and thoughtful lyrics, it's far more professional than most young artist at the moment”

“Absolute fellas”

Old Culture pic: Adam Barnes

Contact us during the show
We’d love to hear from you before, during or after the event, too: for attention during the event use the hashtag on Twitter: #spiralpod; tweet @thespiraltones, message using the Spiraltones’ Facebook page, or use the usual website Contact Us menu item (but open it in a new tab or window or the audio stream will stop!). Sorry, we won’t be answering the phone!

Spread the news!
The event Facebook page is here - where you can also invite your friends to listen.

Tips for maximum enjoyment

  • All times are approximate
  • The line up is subject to change
  • End time is when we’re done
  • There’s more specific troubleshooting info on the radio player page, which is now here, once we do the link :)
  • Not wishing to teach our grandparents to suck eggs, but consider plugging your computer into your stereo to vastly improve the sound quality. This cable might do it.  Or spend a bit more on this...


  • Got ideas for another podcast? We’re open to suggestions and ideas for partnership projects, whether it’s musical or more talk orientated, so feel free to get in touch. Maybe you could even sponsor the next one?

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