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16 December 2017


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Friday, 10 February 2012 14:50

At Home with the Spiraltones 

The Spiraltones
 On Tuesday, February 21 at 9pm,, and Sofa City Bands Collective present ‘At Home with the Spiraltones’, with special guest, poet Angela Chicken, live from Castle Spiraltone, in the very heart of Bitterne Park. To tune in, just use the ‘Bitterne Park Radio Player’, top right under the strip of five random pics on our homepage.

"Join us at Castle Spiraltone for an experiment in interactive gigging from the comfort of your own home or workplace," says Colin Spiraltone.

The Spiraltones Yes, after much planning, purchasing of cables, and experimenting with our live audio stream, internet radio channel or live podcast facility (however you like to think of it), we’re as ready as we’ll ever be to present our first transmission!

‘At Home with the Spiraltones’ will feature an acoustic set from Bitterne Park/St Denys locals The Spiraltones, from the very heart of Bitterne Park. The band describe their music as “Country punk pop?” on their Facebook page, but pay a visit their website and you can hear it for yourself.

Anglea ChickenWe’re also delighted to present local poet Angela Chicken, who’ll be offering a taster of some of the work she’ll be performing on Sunday, March 4 as part of a Musical Alphabet event taking place around Southampton.

We’d love to hear from you before, during or after our live podcast, too: for attention during the event tweet @thespiraltones, message using the Spiraltones’ Facebook page, or use the usual website Contact Us menu item (but open it in a new tab or window or the audio stream will stop!). Sorry, we won’t be answering the phone!


Tips for maximum enjoyment

  • Test stream starts from around 8pm
  • Show starts at approx 9pm
  • Ends when we’re done
  • You need to keep the page with the radio player open; if you navigate away to another page the audio will stop, so best to keep it safe in its own tab or window if you’re going surfing during the podcast

Got ideas for another podcast? We’re open to suggestions and ideas for partnership projects, whether it’s musical or more talk orientated, so feel free to get in touch. Maybe you could even sponsor the next one – these cables add up you know...


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