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21 February 2018


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Monday, 16 January 2012 13:34

radioWe'll use this page, which opens in a new window, to post any updates on our streaming facility. Our next scheduled programme is at approx 8.40 pm on Tuesday, May 22. The test stream starts ealier. For details click here.

8.25pm The stream is up

10.19 all over. Sadly a couple of dropouts on the internet connection, but watch out for the listen again!

Our first show, live from Bitterne Park, was 'At home with the Spiraltones'. It's available to hear again from this link.

If you have feedback on this show, or ideas for future programmes whether talk or music based, do get in touch. 



Audio used in this stream or 'listen again' facility is either owned by ourselves, or is reproduced under a creative commons licence or used with special permission from copyright owners. We would like to thank the originators of these works.


“Persephone” by snowflake - Licensed under Creative Commons

Kingston-Malak by BoomShaak - Licensed under Creative Commons

“Café Connection” by morgant - Licensed under Creative Commons

“Slanted Voices” by morgantj -  Licensed under Creative Commons

"We the People"  by mykleanthony Featuring: Jeris (VJ_Memes) -  Licensed under Creative Commons

"At the Root" by Jeris Featuring: snowflake -  Licensed under Creative Commons


This audio stream uses these sounds from freesound:

Fiji Beach by c97059890 - in the public domain

spring morning.wav by inchadney - Licensed under Creative Commons

numbers_noise.wav by schulle4u - Licensed under Creative Commons / used with special permission

If we have failed to attribute any recordings correctly or if there are any other issues with use of these sounds then please let us know so we can remove them from the stream promptly if necessary.


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