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17 January 2018


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Sunday, 15 January 2012 00:00

calendar green pixabay 200 whats onPosting your events on our What's On page is a free, easy, two-step process (or one step once you have a login), and it's the fastest way to get your event on the site. We often then pick up on listings for news items and our social media feeds. Here's how to do it...


 It's free to post community, not-for-profit and cultural events including gigs on our What's On page. Here's how:

1. Sign in to
You need to create a free account with the site before you can sign in. Click here to create your account if you haven't already done this: the process is free, quick and relatively painless!
Then sign in.

2. Check again you've signed in, then click here to add your listing.
Enter your information into the various fields, and then click the 'Add Event' button at the bottom.  That's it. Your listing will be approved - or otherwise - at our discretion. There are a few more points you might like to consider below, however, including a word for people wanting to promote commercial events - 'How can you offer this fantastic service for free?'

If you want to list events (other than gigs)  that are essentially commercial on our websites, or for which you charge an entrance fee, then we generally request you consider making a small donation to the website. They may not be approved if you don't. (Please bear in mind we often post events on the What's On page onto our social media and in our email digest too)

When you've listed the event click here to donate.

Times, and repeating events
Please DON'T MAKE EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITALS or punctiuation!!!!!:)
:):) , but use sentence case throughout - including the event title. Please don't put the event times in the main description field: just set the times in the relevant fields below it, and these will be displayed. Please don't set your event to repeat for more than six months or 26 times - or six times if it's commercial: see below for more information about commercial events.

Please note that we do not accept entries for non-specific, 'rolling events' (which are usually commercial offers) that are essentially adverts - eg "happy hour every day 4 - 7pm" or similar. These will be deleted. If what yoiu really want to do is advertise an ongoing offer or service, then please, enquire about advertising on the site and how we can help you reach your target audience.

On the other hand we're happy for you to post specific live music or other community events that are taking place logally  - even if you are a business like a pub. 

How can you offer this fantastic service for free?

Well, we can't really continue to, so now community-orientated listings are basically included for free at our discretion. Examples might be public meetings, talks, free events - and we include gigs with an entrance fee in this too. But, because of the time that it takes to run this site, we're are now asking promoters of most events that are not for charity, or of events that are essentially commercial (so if you put on events or classes as a business then this includes you), for a very modest donation which goes towards running our sites if an entrance fee is charged.

There's more information and a 'donate' button from this link. Or consider our brilliant banner advertising packages - just contact us for the rates.

How do I get editorial coverage as well as a listing?
Send us the story. Email us via the contact form, with more information about your event, and we may run it as editorial too at our discretion. Let us know if you have photos or graphics (you need to own the copyright). The chances of publication are always higher if the event or story is relevant to the site, and if you present your information really clearly, so it's quick to process: include the 'what', 'when' 'where' and 'why' early on, please!

There are some points about writing press releases on the site, written from the perspective of those that receive them, which you may find useful if you're trying to publicise your event to media generally. Or take a look at this page on the Business Link website, which offers more tips. We don't need a press release as such, but for anyone serious about getting publicity there are some great pointers on those pages.

We don't generally just publish PDF posters for events: they're time consuming to put up, and often to extract information from, and inconvenient for readers to access. We can't accept Microsoft Publisher files either: sorry.


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