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15 December 2017

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Should Midanbury residents mine their own salt? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 September 2010 06:07
Salt ball from the Dead Sea
Salt ball from the Dead Sea
Residents are to present a petition to local MP John Denham, asking him to join a campaign to return salt bins to the hills of Midanbury.  

The concern is that, with extremely icy winters supposedly becoming more common, residents are going to be increasingly at risk from the hilly local landscape.
Although there were salt bins in the past, they’ve apparently been taken away by the Council in recent years.

John Denham MP
John Denham MP
“Midanbury is the highest point in Southampton and the only way up or down is by navigating various hills,” said Mr Denham. “A lack of salt or grit, combined with a winter like we had last year, could make life very dangerous for Midanbury residents.
“Perhaps in the ‘Big Society’ residents are expected to take the initiative and mine their own salt.  I shall certainly be taking the issue up with the City Council.”
The petition will be presented at 4pm on Thursday September 23, at Portview Road.

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