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15 December 2017


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Please make a donation for your calendar listing PDF Print E-mail

We're are now asking promoters of most events that are not for charity, for a very modest donation which goes towards running our sites. They may not be approved if you don't.

Please bear in mind we often post events on the What's On page onto our social media and in our email digest too.

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How much should I donate?

calendarAs a way of raising much-needed funds to support the site, we're now asking those who charge an entrance fee of £3 or more per session, to make a very small donation towards this site for listing their event.

The suggested donation is the cost of entrance for just one person to your event - or to just one of your events if you're listing a series, up to a suggested maximum of £5.

So, for example, if you charge £3 entrance to a weekly class, then the suggested donation is just £3. If you charge £30 then we suggest roughly £5. This includes listing your web address. This amount includes listing your event up to six times. Of course, if you'd like to support us with a little bit more, then that will be greatly appreciated.

Organisers of events that are essentially commercial, even though they may offer free entrance, are also asked to donate. An example might be a shop organising a free demonstration or event, or perhaps a wedding fayre which offers free entry, but which is ultimately to elicit sales. These types of 'listings' are effectively adverts - and we request a small donation towards the site to run them.

This type of repeated event will now be limited to six listings in total, after which it will need to be renewed by you.

We believe this is still great value because, by listing the event, you're obviously likely to attract more people (you knew that already, right?). In fact, our sites receive thousands of visits every month, and are crawled very regularly by Google and other engines. We also sometimes give calendar events more coverage via our editorial, too.

We're currently testing out asking for donations in this way, and whether or not we publish, or choose to edit, any listing is still at our absolute discretion. (Of course, if you donate and we choose not to publish for some reason, we'll refund you.)

How to donate

Please use the PayPal button below to pay with a credit or debit card. Don't forget to use the text field to tell us which listing your payment is for, so we can tally things up. And don't forget to renew your listing on the calendar if you need to, once the repeat period has completed.

Thanks for supporting us, and good luck with your event!


Our PayPal account is in the name of Guy Phillips Creative Media.